In February of this year, a new flagship from Samsung came out with the prefix S 22 Ultra. This is a very special machine. It is equipped with the most advanced technology. First of all, it is a unique ecosystem. It allows you to integrate one equipment into another and make a full-fledged working base out of all this. For example, connect Samsung S22 Ultra to TV and work. Especially good in this sense for various kinds of designers. They can use the S 22 Ultra as a complete presentation platform for special events. Even make projects or sketches. Again, no need to carry a notepad and pen with you – everything can be written right there on the screen. Even if it’s off. This phone can be ordered from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

Reason #1. Max Cost, Max Technology

What does the prefix Ultra mean? – that there is not a single device on the market that can compare with such a device. For others, it’s just a figure of speech with no backing. And for a component manufacturer such as Samsung, the opportunity to put the very best technologies in a serial smartphone. Show the product in person. Then everyone will start copying or buying. But nothing: the first one is always remembered!

Expensive? Not that word. But the best is always expensive. At first, such components come in Ultra, years later they are used in mass models.

The positioning of the Samsung Ultra series line has always been unambiguous – not for everyone. And for those who want to buy the best and are willing to spend money on it. Nothing has changed here, and this device incorporates all the achievements of the company. It goes back to: the best screen on the market, support for the S Pen, the presence of an effective heat dissipation system and many other “little things”.

The flagship of flagships – that’s what you can call the Samsung S22 Ultra. This model has no direct competitor in principle. This phone can be ordered from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

Reason #2. The Galaxy Note line is back with the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung S21 Ultra received S Pen support last year. This was a compromise for those who wanted the Galaxy Note. At the same time, the downside was obvious: you had to carry the S Pen separately or buy a case in which there was a place for it. Now, according to the best canons of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the connector for the S Pen is in the case. You can not worry about the case and just use the device as is. This phone can be ordered from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

Reason #3. The best display on the market

Perhaps, in any smartphone there are several components that determine its cost. In addition to the processor, the amount of memory, this, of course, is the display. Samsung has been creating screen technology on its own for many years. In this regard, the company has reached such heights that it has no direct competitors. Apple is forced to buy Samsung screens for its smartphones. If you do not compare the screen of the Samsung S22 Ultra with other devices, then it is difficult to feel the difference. But when comparing or using every day, you begin to feel this difference. The display here captivates with its capabilities, and it is worth paying attention to. Only for this you can distinguish the device among the many devices that are on the market. Compared to the S21 Ultra, the screen behaves noticeably better when watching streaming video in any of the services. The brightness of the picture is pulled up a level, which pleases. In general, it is the screen that becomes one of the main features of the Samsung S22 Ultra. And, it’s not the first year. This phone can be ordered from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

Reason #4. 5000mAh battery and 45W fast charge

The kit does not include a charger, but you can and should buy a 45 W charger, it is appropriate here. As for the rest, you can repeat what was said about the previous device, everything is exactly the same here.

Models with the prefix Ultra – one of the most tenacious. They have high capacity batteries, processors with the best performance. Therefore, such devices show excellent results in practice. For models in the Ultra line, two days of work at an average load is a normal result. It may be one, but a very busy day. Samsung S22 Ultra – just such a device – is very hardy. For some, this is familiar, as people use flagships year after year. Someone will discover such a feature of the device and rejoice. The merit of the S22 Ultra is also that it has a very productive chipset – Exynos 2200. This phone can be ordered in the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

Reason #5. CPU in 4nm, efficient heat dissipation

In Europe, the device is delivered on Exynos 2200, the processor is fast and is made using 4 nm technology. But the main thing is that it does not heat up, as it has an effective heat dissipation. Usually, other manufacturers stick “hot” processors in the expectation that the buyer will choose a well-known solution. But they cannot provide heat dissipation, as it is expensive. The Samsung S22 Ultra uses a graphene plate – this is the most expensive solution that exists. In combination, it is also the most effective.

The performance margin of this device is enough for at least several years, so you definitely will not experience difficulties. This phone can be ordered from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

Reason #6. Unique Camera System – Telephoto, Wide Angle, Portrait and Moon Photo

This device has a very interesting choice of cameras, a complete match in terms of hardware with the Galaxy S21. But slightly better software and computational photography. This system as a whole allows you to get excellent pictures in the most difficult conditions. For creative people, there are no alternatives, especially if you know how to shoot not only in automatic mode. This phone can be ordered from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.

There are other unique features of the S22 Ultra, but we will talk about them in other articles from the Mobile Phones Direct online store.


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