Good shoes are not a luxury, but a necessity. As smart people used to say in the old days: “There is nothing more expensive than cheap.” After all, this is not only a constant loss of money (buying inexpensive – you spend more, as it wears out faster), but also reputational. 

Evaluation of a person goes from the bottom up – they look at shoes and watches, and then at everything else. Moreover, quality is durability. What can not be said about things made of cheap materials. Although you found high-quality and good shoes, you should also choose the right bow for the current look. Here other laws come into force – style and design. Of course, you can buy a bunch of expensive things, but they will turn into mediocrity if they are not combined correctly. 

In this article from Van Arendonk, we look at the main criteria and collaborations for trendy shoes. Well, let’s not postpone everything indefinitely. Let’s go!

Trending Shoe Categories:

  • Practical sports shoes;
  • Comfortable low-cut shoes in an informal street style, casual style;
  • New autumn-winter footwear with animalistic design;
  • Graceful autumn and winter shoes in the form of ankle boots with heels and wedges;
  • On a hairpin or a high stable heel;
  • In the form of boots and boots;
  • Rough and expressive military style;
  • Spectacular in the form of stockings with heels, with open toes, with lacing;
  • Printed and multi-colored with different types of heels;
  • With several types of socks – square, round, sharp;
  • With an unusual finish in exclusive colors.

All types of trendy shoes can be purchased at the Van Arendonk online store.

Fashion Shoes Fall-Winter 2022-2023. Updated Traditions

The trend this season is that stylish shoes are easily combined with clothes in different styles. Women will wear open, refined classic pumps with stilettos. They are in perfect harmony with dresses, skirts, trouser suits.

Lightweight and slightly rough sneakers are also in trend. They are harmonious not only in a sporty style, but also look perfectly with fitted and cropped jeans and trousers. By the way, in the Van Arendonk online store you can order any kind of shoes for the autumn-winter period.

Next comes bright metallic and spectacular dark shoes. In particular, ankle boots, boots, over the knee boots. This line is represented by models with a stable square heel. Also, options with an accordion, a wide and high bar. This makes any woman’s bow very unusual and memorable. On the Van Arendonk website, you can order any trendy shoe model.

Shoes for fall-winter 2022-2023 are preferably made in a dark palette of shades. Namely: black, gray, burgundy, coffee, green. However, light and even white shoes will also be relevant this season.

Beige, light gray, blue colors have not gone anywhere. All this will remain, confirming the fact: fashion is what suits a particular person. In the Van Arendonk online store, you can order whatever you like.

To be successful, you need to look good. The Van Arendonk online store can help you with this. Come in, you won’t regret it!


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