When does a good girl go bad? Exactly at the moment when he wants to expand his horizons! It is Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera that will become the starting point where all the most secret desires are gradually revealed. It’s like going all the way to Lilith – Adam’s first wife. She was the most perfect creation of God, but, having learned his name, she fled from paradise. It is the same here: everything begins elegantly and subtly, as if it speaks of the purity of the soul. Further, the fragrance reveals captivating sensuality. It drives the people around you crazy. One appearance, a charming smile, a unique image… no one can resist. The Druni online store offers all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to purchase this wonderful perfume. Let’s get to know him better.

Stated Pyramid Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl:

The top note captures the senses and mind with subtle redcurrant and exotic lychee nuances. They create an aura of sexuality and attraction. They immediately draw attention to themselves. Currant – ruby ​​bunches of the sun – at the same time sweet, juicy and sour. This creates the image of a refreshing drink in the heat. But one cannot develop without the other. And the tenderness of the Chinese plum is also woven here. She sets off the passion of the currant. Creates an image of innocence and charm. As if hinting that not everything is so simple. We’ll have to try to get the fruit out from under the dense peel. But it’s worth it!

The middle note flirts with an incredibly beautiful royal rose, lying on the skin with a silky, irresistible and creamy powdery veil. This is the image of the night, which hides the secret under the cover of darkness. Even the reflection of the moon cannot reveal all its secrets. You need to look for the answers yourself. And in response to a direct question, you will hear a meaningful “maybe…”

The final note allows the stylish trail to come into its own, combining elegant seductive vanilla and restrained smoky vetiver, capable of evoking unusual sensations and feelings of happiness. And in the last chord, a real seductress is revealed. She hid behind the image of a good girl who turns into a succubus. There is no strength to resist her charms. There is no way to resist the sweetness of passion, which rises slowly, drop by drop. It pours like honey – in a thin stream – gradually filling the entire space. It’s incredibly long and incredibly fast. This is an explosion that stretched out in time, but it is inevitable! And you can buy it in the Druni online store.

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