This recipe is one of the most delicious Eastern European dishes. They like to cook it both in Poland, Ukraine, and in the Baltic states. It is very rich, nutritious and healthy. Of course, this is more of a winter dish, but, nevertheless, in late autumn it is very good for dry red wine. By the way, in the territory of the Slavic countries, it is eaten with good vodka. And no wonder: red wine and vodka are the healthiest alcoholic drinks. Of course, in small doses. But if you don’t have time to cook, then the most delicious dishes can be ordered at the Gousto online store.


400 g beef, 2 onions, 200 g sour cream, 2 tbsp. tomato paste, 1 tbsp. flour, 50 ml vegetable oil, spices, chopped herbs.

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It is necessary to cut the beef into slices, beat off and cut into thin strips again. After that, fry the onion, and when it becomes soft and slightly transparent, add flour, sour cream and tomato paste. Separately, fry the beef in small portions so that it does not stew. When the sauce thickens and slightly boils down, you need to put the meat in it and simmer everything together for 3 minutes.

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After that, prepare the puree:

You need to take white potatoes for cooking, peel, cut into small chunks and throw into boiling water. Cook for 15 minutes. During cooking, add bay leaf, onion, peppercorns and a couple of slices of not crushed garlic. If you have leftover chicken or beef broth, this is the most ideal option. After that, you need the potatoes to stand in water for 1-2 minutes. Then drain the water, but leave a little – 10 grams. This is necessary to mix into a homogeneous mass. Add 30 grams of cream and 200 milliliters of milk. Salt, pepper and other spices – to taste. Knead for five to ten minutes with a special pusher. It is necessary to achieve a homogeneous creamy mass.

The dish is served hot 50/50 – mashed meat.

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Enjoy your meal!

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