A stout is a dark ale made using roasted malt. As a rule, caramelized malt is also used in the production of stout. Stout is a very popular beer in the UK and Ireland.

For example, in the UK and Europe, stout was a mandatory drink at social events. Moreover, there are varieties that are infused in single malt whiskey casks. But a good drink should be aged for at least 3 months. In some cases, it was insisted from 6 months to a year. No wonder that certain varieties are valued on a par with very good wine. However, a great stout can be ordered online at The Range.


The first stout was produced in Ireland, and was a type of porter. When porter became popular in the UK and brought to Ireland, the Irish decided to make their own version of black beer.

Black beer was first brewed in 1776 by Arthur Guinness, and it was then that it acquired its famous black color.

A new word was coined – stout, which meant “proud” or “brave”. However, then, the word stout began to mean simply “strong”, “strong” and was a local synonym for the word strong.

The word stout was first used by Arthur Guinness. It’s been quite a while since the stout was called that. For some time, the word stout was used to refer to any strong beer. However, over time, it became customary to call so only dark strong beer.

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Classification And Types Of Stouts

Stout has been around for a long time. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that today there are a huge number of various types and varieties of stout. Consider each of the types of stout separately. In The Range online store you can find varieties from various producers of this noble drink.

Dry Stout (Dry Stout)

This type of stout is called Irish. It differs in that it has a more pronounced aroma, as well as significant bitterness. The alcohol content is not very high, around 4.5-5%. This stout was created as a replacement for porter, which became very popular in Britain in the eighteenth century. As a rule, a dry stout is not very strong, but stronger than an average porter.

Dry stout can be made from roasted or chocolate barley or even black malt. For example, the Guinness company adds a small amount of sour beer, which allows the finished stout to be richer in taste.

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Sweet Stout

A sweet stout is also referred to as caramel, cream, or milk stout. Chocolate malt is used instead of unmalted barley. This makes the drink’s high lactose content possible, which makes it very different from a dry stout. Due to the content of lactose, during its production, the drink is carefully pasteurized in order to stop the fermentation processes. Typically, a sweet stout is a sweetened espresso flavored beer. The strength of the drink is in the region of 5-6%.

Many manufacturers position their sweet stout as a drink that has a beneficial effect on health. So, in Malta, the Farsons brewery advertises a drink with the words “Even for nursing mothers”. And Mackeson, an Irish stout maker, claims that every pint of her stout has as many nutrients as 10 pints of milk.

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Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal stout is the English version of the drink. The taste is dense, full and complex. It has a specific taste. As they say – a big fan. The beer itself is quite high-calorie and nutritious, you can almost “eat up” it. Sometimes it has a nutty, grainy or even earthy flavor. It was brewed specifically for people of physical labor. Usually, oatmeal stout is found in the port taverns and establishments of the industrial area.

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Russian Imperial Stout

Russian imperial stout is a very strong variety. He was very popular in Russia before World War I. This is a strong dark beer in a style that was brewed in the 18th century by There’s Anchor Brewery in London for export to the court of Catherine II in Russia. In 1781, the brewery changed hands and the beer became known as Barclay Perkins Imperial Brown Stout. He was sent to Russia by Albert von Lecoq, who received a Russian royal warrant. He gave him the right to use the name “Imperial”.

Production consists in the absence of pasteurization, as well as aging in oak barrels for two months or a year. If they wanted to achieve the highest degree of fortress, then they kept it in whiskey barrels. The taste and strength of the drink is similar to port wine. Despite the fact that in fact the drink is beer. The fortress is about 10-12 degrees, the density is in the region of 20-25%. These figures in some cases reached up to 20 degrees.

There was also simply “Imperial Stout” – that was the name of the dark strong beer popular in the Baltic countries. As a rule, the imperial stout was made by local breweries. It had a fairly high alcohol content, up to 18 degrees. As in the previous case, the high strength of the stout was due to the long aging of alcohol in barrels of moonshine or cognac. During this time, the drink received tannins from the wood.

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Coffee and chocolate stout

Coffee and chocolate stouts are beers in which the malt is heavily roasted. It is brought to the stage when the caramelization process begins. The malt itself becomes chocolate in color. If the roasting was longer, and the malt turned almost black, then such a drink is called “Coffee Stout”.

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Further, in articles from The Range, we will look at other traditional British beers.


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