Casual style is dearly loved by girls all over the world who value comfort and ease in clothes. English word, “casual” means “random”, “everyday”, “unintentional”. This trend in fashion includes almost the entire range of things, so it is much easier to determine what is not included in it. By the way, clothes for any casual look can be ordered on the JD Williams website.

Some may mistakenly assume that casual dressing is the norm for this style, but this is not so. Clothing must be made of quality fabrics, with a good fit. You should pay attention to color combinations and mixing fabrics of different textures in one image. To look at ease and slightly careless, and at the same time harmonious, is often much more difficult than creating an image according to strictly defined combinations. In the JD Williams online store you can order things from the highest quality material.

Choosing A Casual Style Wardrobe: Basic Principles

 As with any other style, a casual wardrobe should consist of certain basics, accessories, and some trendy items that will emphasize the awareness of the trends of the current season.

 · Jeans are the basis of the basics of casual style. These can be ripped boyfriends, or feminine skinny in different colors (black and classic denim are suitable for the base), bananas or flared jeans.

The most fashionable trend in jeans fashion is the abundance of patches: inscriptions, animals, insects, flowers, and a host of other patches – the choice is limitless. Stripes on the legs, on the pockets, one on top of the other, and so on. Jeans in any size and style can be ordered on the JD Williams website.

· Trousers with an elastic band – for the spring-summer season from cotton, viscose or thin suiting fabric. Black, gray or beige – for work and study; fashionable bright colors and printed for everyday active life.

Fashionable pieces of this season: ropes and stripes. Lampas are creative, consisting of several types of fabrics, edgings and ribbons. The most stylish trousers and accompanying shoes for them can be bought on the JD Williams website.

Jumpsuit can already be distinguished as a basic thing. It is convenient in that you do not need to choose a harmonious bottom or top. It can only be supplemented with stylish accessories. For fashionable business girls – overalls made of suit fabrics of restrained colors can replace a two-piece suit. For an informal setting, choose a jumpsuit made of cotton printed fabrics.

The cage is a trend that goes from season to season. A plaid jumpsuit with a rope, a few badges, sneakers, a stylish bag – and you look great, feeling comfortable and on top!

All types of overalls in a variety of fabrics can be ordered from the JD Williams online store.

      ·        Dress. For a warm basic wardrobe, opt for a french-length jersey dress. With different accessories, you can create images based on it for work, meetings with friends, and for a date. In the cold season, warm high-quality knitwear will warm you up, and adding it with a large-knit cardigan and a scarf with raw edges will make you a stylish girl in casual style.

For the summer season, choose viscose or cotton. A shirt dress made of printed fabrics will create a perky mood, and a floor-length dress will create a romantic one. On chilly evenings, they can be complemented with a large-knit cardigan or a cotton bomber jacket. All types of dresses can be ordered from the JD Williams online store.

· Skirts in the style of “casual” – these are denim skirts of different lengths, and floor-length chiffon, and puffy midi skirts. This season, the choice of skirts is very diverse. For business girls, this can be a pencil skirt made of thick knitwear, or a cotton skirt with an elastic band below the knees. And for everyday looks – all the other options!

For a basic wardrobe, get a long floor-length skirt in a delicate color – they will still be relevant for more than one season. For slender owners of long legs, the choice is wider: mini skirts always look fresh and sexy. All kinds of skirts from denim to silk can be purchased at the JD Williams online store.

Blouses. Casual style, unlike the classic office style, welcomes creative details in clothes. This season, the most popular trends are frills – everywhere: on the sleeves, on the bodice, on the bottom and even on the back.

With ties the same story: on the sleeves, on the shoulders, on the waist, on the pockets. It is even more fashionable when the ties are contrasting in color and texture. Cutouts in the most unexpected places: on the shoulders, at the waist, on the back and on the stomach. In a word, creativity without borders is in fashion. The most fashionable blouses can be bought on the JD Williams website.

· Shorts and culottes are not considered to be the basic components of the wardrobe, but if you have the opportunity to buy yourself a new thing to diversify your looks, choose culottes. This comfortable and fashionable thing will give you a sophisticated fashionista. And in combination with basic blouses – your discreet look will be quite appropriate in the office.

· Knitwear is an integral part of casual style! Cashmere, warm, lightweight, perforated, fancy, in different colors and textures. T-shirts in light cream and dark, gray, navy blue or black, with long and short sleeves, are suitable for a basic wardrobe. For cold weather, sweatshirts and turtlenecks, a vest and a cardigan.

· From accessories it is necessary to give preference to scarves. They will add coziness and comfort to your entire casual look. Plaid, stripe, plain, flower and animal print; light for spring, woolen for winter and autumn. For cold weather, knitted knitted scarves and hats made of thick textured threads are also indispensable. Hats, knitted caps, berets remain an invariable attribute of casual style. For summer – caps. For creative girls who want to add a twist to their image – you can tie a scarf, a la the 70s. It will add romance. The scarf is not a trend for everyone.

In shoes, the most important rule in casual style is comfort. Flat sole, small stable heel, wedge or platform – the choice is huge. These are moccasins, ballet shoes, sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, espadrilles, boots, sandals. If a few years ago, wearing sneakers with a romantic dress seemed wild, today it is already a traditional combination of casual style.

In subsequent articles, we will take a closer look at the features of the “casual” style. Let’s define its main directions and their differences from each other. In the meantime, follow the link to the JD Williams online store. Order the clothes you need!


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