The vast majority of people in the world dress in casual style, including those who do not even suspect that their outfit can be attributed to any fashion trend. Casual is the style of big cities, its aesthetics are imbued with the spirit of the metropolis, in which there is no place for excessive embellishment, and convenience and comfort are considered the main thing. By the way, the best casual bow clothes can be ordered on the Weird Fish website.

Features & Specifications

Casual is a style that is characterized by a practical approach to creating images. Here, functionality, versatility and simplicity come to the fore. The effect is achieved by choosing comfortable, but beautiful and modern clothes in the right combinations. By the way, it can be ordered in the Weird Fish online store.

It is not known where casual was first born, because comfortable and versatile clothes have always been worn. But there are versions that the most popular urban style comes from England in the 70s, where this term was called the casual clothes of football fans. The thing is that in the middle of the 20th century in England, a movement of subcultures was born, the participants of which stood out with original and extravagant clothes. Only football fans wore simple polo shirts, jeans, jumpers and sneakers, which earned them the nickname “Casuals”.

Later, the style of English football fans came to the attention of fashion designers and in the 90s the first casual Chic collection from the Italian brand Cerruti was released. It was the first runway collection dedicated to everyday wear in a new style. The trend was picked up by Armani and other fashion designers. Casual style finally conquered the catwalks, and after them – the whole world.

Classics, sports, urbanism and modern trends are organically intertwined in casual, which makes it the most convenient, comfortable and ideal for life in a big city. The image is formed in different ways, depending on the season. It is worth noting that on the Weird Fish website you can pick up almost the entire range of clothes for casual style!

Varieties of Style Casual

The development of casual wear led to the emergence of new offshoots in casual wear.

Today the following varieties are known:

  • Business Casual – combines elements of formal business, classic and casual style. This is a less formal direction than the formal business style, as it allows for relaxed elements in clothing. Modern business casual is suitable for working with a relaxed dress code, as it includes relaxed knitted jumpers, blouses of different designs, dresses and skirts of different colors, which is unacceptable in a strict dress code. Everything to create a bow in this direction can be bought at Weird Fish.
  • Street Casual is a modern trend in which casual wear is combined with unique, original accessories, unusual shoes and other non-standard elements. This is a bright, youthful style with a strong individual component. In Weird Fish you will find everything you need to create such an image.
  • Smart Casual is an elegant casual style that allows luxury items, jewelry, designer accessories and other expensive wardrobe items. Modern smart casual is an ideal choice for business women 40 years and older, as it allows you to demonstrate status without losing comfort and convenience. The highest quality clothing can be found at the Weird Fish online store.
  • Sport-casual is an offshoot of sports style and casual. It allows sneakers in combination with coats and dresses, backpacks, beanie hats, as well as other elements of sports style. This branch most closely repeats the original version of casual, in which polo shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and other items of sportswear were worn. The most up-to-date bow clothes in this style can be found on the Weird Fish website.

Style Features:

Cut: Loose but fitted, oversized is allowed in the sports branch.

Colors: basic and neutral (black, gray, white, brown, muted and pastel colors).

Materials: soft, comfortable, for example, knitwear, denim, cotton, for winter – wool, cashmere.

Design: simple, concise forms, no unnecessary details, decorations, prints are rarely used, there are no drawings, appliqué, embroidery and other decor.

The aesthetic is inspired by life in a big city, where it is important to do everything and achieve a lot, and for this you need to feel comfortable and look stylish.

Casual is suitable for any season, as casual wear can be both demi-season and designed for the cold season. The latest casual clothing can be ordered on the Weird Fish website.

How To Dress Casually?

To create a harmonious look in casual style, you need to get the following clothes:

For the spring-summer season and demi-season:

  • Trench coat or raincoat;
  • Jacket or blazer in a classic cut;
  • Straight jeans;
  • Jumper, sweater or golf of laconic design;
  • Solid color pencil skirt;
  • No-frills sheath dress with short and long sleeves;
  • Blouse or shirt;
  • Simple top with long and short sleeves.
  • Pumps and ankle boots.
  • For the autumn-winter season, the following types of clothes are useful:
  • Straight coat;
  • Sweater made of natural materials;
  • Solid color cardigan;
  • Warm dress;
  • Boots.

If you add accessories to the set (a soft or semi-rigid bag, a scarf, gloves, a belt), you will get a basic wardrobe for urban life, in which there is a place for work and rest.

In subsequent articles, we will also analyze the features of other styles and directions. In the meantime, follow the fixed link to the Weird Fish website and order the most trendy clothes!


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