Urban style is an interesting mixture of such seemingly poorly combined trends as classic and casual. Its appearance is due to the natural desire of women for comfort for every day, not only in an informal setting, but also at work. The result was a style of clothing appropriate in different situations. It takes as a basis the classic styles of prints and colors. But adjusted for greater convenience and the ability to include fashion trends. Of course, autumn and winter are no exception. Here, too, certain trends can be traced. First of all, these are pink-purple, orange-red, carrot and blue shades. Also, floral pink and peach colors remain relevant. To be in trend, you need to update your wardrobe. This is best done on the Jd Williams website. Here, all women’s clothing is designed in fashionable colors this fall and winter.

Urban Style Clothing Colors

Of course, if we talk about the classic urban style, then it uses mostly cold shades. The main color of the basic wardrobe becomes gray in all its possible colors. Moreover, he is the most neutral. This is quite logical, because urban style relies primarily on the range that urban residents are used to seeing around them. It is gray, faded dark blue, gray-brown, gray-beige. However, bright colors in urban style also have a place. These are pure and juicy colors: red, lemon, the color of May greens, blue-green, boiling white. Bright colors are used in blouses, tops, scarves and the like. This season they are the most in demand. By the way, in the Jd Williams online store you can choose clothes for every taste and make a fashionable bow in urban style out of it.

Urban style clothing uses simple prints: plaid, stripes, chicken feet, geometric patterns. Flowers and fancy ornaments do not harmonize with the main themes of comfort and restraint. Therefore, they are rarely seen in such bows.

Urban Clothing Styles

Urban style is less demanding on the quality of fabrics and the severity of styles than the classics. In addition to trousers with arrows, slightly narrowed or, on the contrary, slightly flared models, banana trousers appear here. Denim items become regular participants in the sets: jeans, a denim jacket or a shirt, but no more than 1 item in a bow. Suits with trousers and skirts can be more interesting than in the classic style, design. The same applies to the decor and styles of blouses, shirts and tops. If you look at the new Jd Williams collection, you can find a variety of things here. It is very easy to make a fashionable bow out of them.

In urban style, there are a lot of knitted items and knitwear models: blouses, cardigans, dresses and so on. In addition to sheath dresses, bows use options with an A-line skirt. The neckline can be of any shape, but a deep neckline is unacceptable. By the way, actual dresses of any style can be bought in the Jd Williams online store.

Urban style has a wider selection of outerwear than the classics. It has a coat and trench coats, but the sets are no less successfully complemented by a leather jacket, down jacket, sheepskin coat. Outerwear is also available at the Jd Williams online store. To view the range, please follow the link.

Layering in sets is another characteristic feature, it makes the images more complex and interesting. For the same purpose, the urban style actively uses the accessory group.

In future articles, together with the Jd Williams online store, we will analyze Urban Style in more depth. But to create your look for this autumn-winter season right now, follow the link to the Jd Williams website.


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