Omaze is an online platform that connects people who want to make a change with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise, all while supporting various charitable causes. If you’re looking for ways to help make a difference in the world or just want to learn more about this inspiring platform, keep reading!

How does Omaze work?

This platform allows people to donate to various charities and enter to win incredible experiences such as meeting celebrities or going on exclusive vacations. The more you donate, the higher your chances of winning. For instance, a donation of £10 may give you one entry, but a donation of £100 may give you ten entries. Every donation also gives you a chance to win a curated merchandise collection featuring exclusive tees, sweatshirts, mugs and more.

What charities does Omaze support?

Thayer partners with various charitable organizations worldwide, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, UNICEF, Global Wildlife Conservation, and more. The platform also provides visitors with the opportunity to support specific causes that they are passionate about, such as fighting climate change, supporting mental health initiatives, improving access to education, and more.

Why choose Omaze?

It makes giving back accessible, enjoyable, and exciting. Not only does the platform help support excellent causes, but users can also win amazing experiences and other fun prizes. Furthermore, It ensures that every pound donated goes towards supporting selected charities. Users are also given the option to choose how their donations are allocated. For instance, if you donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council, you can decide whether your contribution should support their work on climate change, clean energy, or other initiatives.

What kind of experiences can you win on Omaze?

They have partnered with some of today’s most prominent celebrities, leading companies, and leading brands to offer unique experiences. Some examples include winning a trip to Scotland to have tea with Outlander’s Sam Heughan or playing catch on the field with baseball legend Derek Jeter. All experiences are unforgettable and offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet, connect and tag with some of the most fascinating people.

Omaze is an amazing platform that allows people to make a significant difference in the world while having fun. The platform supports multiple charitable organizations, offers unique experiences, and exclusive merchandise, and provides opportunities for donors to give back in ways that align with their missions, all while being accessible to everyone.


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