Fashion is a cyclical thing. It can completely repeat the periods of a certain era. Or it can combine several trends. At the same time, something completely new and unlike anything else can be formed from classic bows. But let’s not forget about one important thing—what suits a particular person is fashionable. The ideal formula for the best image is the internal state. That is what needs to be read first. Then look at the general mood and create something of your own out of it. Taste is the feeling of interaction. This is what creates the magic of transformation. Well, in this article from PRETTY LITTLE THING we will analyze the main areas of design thought. Go!

Suits With Wide Pants

Oversize moved smoothly from the shoulder area to the trouser area. Wide trousers in a suit are a constant, but the top can be anything: a classic jacket, vest, jacket. The colors are basic because the collections for autumn and winter suggest such shades. By the way, in the PRETTY LITTLE THING online store you can find the best trouser suits.

Wide Jeans

Not only wide trousers, but also jeans. They have another feature—a low landing. This trend came from the early 80s, where flared jeans were popular. There are two ways here: the first is a voluminous body shirt or sweater and wide jeans (this is more like the rapper style of the early 2000s). The second—wide jeans and tight-fitting top. This is already a combination that is inherent in this season. The PRETTY LITTLE THING online store has a wide selection of clothes to create any look.


It is the layering that speaks of the stylistic awareness and immersion of a person in the world of fashion. But, if layering is usually understandable: a turtleneck plus a jacket, a T-shirt plus a shirt and a denim jacket. In the 2022/2023 season, things are a bit more complicated. Under a dress with a short sleeve, they suggest wearing a shirt, under a T-shirt—a turtleneck, and on top of a jacket, a skirt—on a dress. Here one could joke that fashion is partly returning to the Victorian era, where a woman was wearing everything, plus a bow. But also, given the trends, you can see the combination with the American army style. It is in the USA that they like to wear T-shirts under shirts, even in summer. And this is since the army had a great influence on society. Well, in a particular case, on the contrary—a shirt under a T-shirt. However, you can buy women’s clothing—from T-shirts and shirts to trousers and dresses—in the PRETTY LITTLE THING online store.

Fitted Top And Wide Bottom

A little more about wide trousers, these can be fabric models, sweatpants, leather trousers. It is important to combine them in an image with a tight-fitting top—this is one of the trendy stylistic decisions. The top should be like a second skin. We wrote about this above. By the way, in the PRETTY LITTLE THING online store you can find both tight-fitting and wide things.

Jeans With A Jacket

Don’t forget the casual style. In pursuit of complex stylistic devices, we forget about classic solutions. Designers of many brands remind you that combining jeans with a jacket is basic and fashionable. Jeans can be extremely wide, but no one has canceled the classics and torn models. Jeans and denim suits, as well as trendy jackets, can be purchased at the PRETTY LITTLE THING online store.

Military Style

Naturally, the military style has been and will always be. It goes with almost all urban style clothing. Here you can combine both wide and comfortable jeans with loose white or black sweaters. A complete set in this style with black or sand berets also looks great. Women in this image look simply stunning. Well, you can buy the necessary things in the PRETTY LITTLE THING online store.

The main secret of a person’s attractiveness is his inner core. What he likes, what he is interested in. And if the external harmoniously emphasizes the internal, then this produces the effect of an exploding bomb. Especially if a person likes to create different images. And if you want to order the most relevant and fashionable clothes, then go to the PRETTY LITTLE THING online store. We have almost everything for happiness!


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