Proper nutrition of the animal, along with timely visits to the veterinarian, is one of the main factors in caring for the health of the pet. An important role is played by the selection of the optimal diet in accordance with the individual characteristics of the cat’s body. All the best foods can already be ordered from the Kiwoko online store.

Modern manufacturers offer several types of ready-made cat food: canned, wet and dry. Let’s consider them in more detail: how do they differ, what composition?

1. Canned food from Kiwoko. Such products are made from natural ingredients, contain enough moisture and provide the cat with all the necessary nutrients. Thanks to hermetic jars, canned food has a long shelf life, but after opening the package, it is recommended to use it as soon as possible. The remaining portion is best transferred to a glass dish and put in a cool place to prevent oxidation on the packaging.

2. Kiwoko wet food. Such products are made on the basis of soy protein and represent a transitional stage between canned food and dry croquettes. The pieces of feed are soaked in sauce and have a moisture content of about 35%. Such products are usually packaged in portions. In the event that the cat does not eat the full volume, the rest must also be put in the refrigerator to avoid drying out.

3. Dry food from Kiwoko. These products are made in the form of dried kibbles and provide maximum ease of feeding your pet. High-quality dry food contains a complete set of essential vitamins for cats and is optimal for daily feeding, provided there is always a sufficient amount of fresh water nearby. In addition to nutritional value, this type of product also provides concomitant cleaning of the animal’s teeth, since plaque is removed from the enamel during biting. Dry food can be freely left in the bowl for a long time.

Cat Food Classes

All ready-made cat food is divided into several classes, which differ both in cost and in key ingredients: Economy, Commercial, Premium, Super-premium (holistic). Let’s consider them in more detail.

1. Economy. The main component of such feeds is soy protein, cereals and by-products of animal origin (leather, bone meal, entrails, etc.). The difference in tastes (fish, beef, etc.) is formed with the help of flavors, dyes and appropriate chemical additives. The content of “conditional protein” in such feeds is relatively low, which makes it necessary to dose increased amounts per serving.

2. Commercial (middle class). By-products are also used as the main filler for these feeds, however, they are of much higher quality. Preservatives, dyes and other chemical components are excluded from the composition. In addition to tastes, this class includes varieties for various purposes: for the prevention of urolithiasis, for forcing wool, etc.

3. Premium. This type of feed is made from natural raw materials without the use of by-products, dyes and flavors and with a minimum amount of cereal fillers, or their complete absence (grain free). Rations of this type are additionally enriched with nutritional supplements and minerals. As a result, the volume of the daily portion is significantly reduced, in comparison with other food options. The assortment of varieties usually includes specialized breed and age lines. And also, medicinal and dietary products, etc. Attention is paid to everything, including the shape of the feed pellets. It corresponds to the optimal number of atmospheres of the jaws and the direction of movement of the teeth of cats.

4. Super premium (holistic). This type of food is the closest to the natural diet of cats in natural conditions. Diets at this level are made from natural products that have been certified for the preparation of human food. This level of feed is often shipped and stored frozen. They include fresh raw meat of various varieties, vegetables, natural fiber, as well as a complete set of micronutrients necessary to balance the cat’s digestion. All components are detailed on the packaging – with a clear indication of the sources of protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc.

Not only the appearance and activity of the animal, but also its health and life expectancy depend on the correct selection of the diet. That is why experts recommend taking a responsible approach to choosing a daily menu for your pets. Kiwoko online store offers the best food for your cat or cat.


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