There is nothing more beautiful than a woman in an evening dress! We know for sure. And the words: “… You are so charming! May I keep you company?” – more than once flew from the lips of husbands or just men in love. This is understandable: an evening dress beckons, provokes and, at the same time, stops … But the image … it needs to be chosen correctly and brought to life! And the Goddiva online store will help you with this.

Night is a time of temptations and secrets. This is what the main fashion houses and leading fashion designers are guided by when they release collections of evening and cocktail dresses. Some of them are frank, emphasizing the soft roundness of the female body. Some of them are strict, but that is why they are more attractive. But all this art fascinates and attracts attention. No wonder women love to stand out. Therefore, it is very difficult to find similar evening and cocktail dresses. But what are the main differences? Let’s figure it out together with the Goddiva online store!

In the wardrobe of any self-respecting woman, you can always find a lot of dresses. Each of them will be appropriate in a particular case. Among the huge variety of styles, outfits designed for special occasions stand out – cocktail and evening dresses. Do you think there is absolutely no difference between them? You are wrong. Evening outings are also different. And this important fact is known by fusionists with modern designers. By the way, dresses for any event – from social events to parties can be found on the Goddiva website.

Features & Differences

First, evening and cocktail dresses differ significantly from each other. The main difference is in the length of the dress. The second distinctive detail is the features of the cut. And the third is materials. Interestingly, these signs play a significant role in choosing an outfit. According to the rules of etiquette and dress code, both dresses may be inappropriate in the context of the event.

So, cocktail dresses can be worn to celebrations in the daytime, before dark. This is until about 7:00 pm when the sun begins to set. To be precise: visiting exhibitions, weddings, birthdays and other official celebrations not in a restaurant. For this, a cocktail entourage is simply created. By the way, great dresses for various celebrations can be ordered on the Goddiva website.

For receptions and restaurant banquets, it is better to wear an evening dress. It is worth considering that a single woman in an evening dress at a celebration will look out of place. Such an outfit implies the presence of a companion dressed in the same way. And preferably with a car. You can not go to the place of the solemn event by public transport, where the outfit can be wrinkled or dirty.

Next, consider the features of cocktail and evening dresses in more detail.

Cocktail dresses are short and can be just above or below the knee. They do not have long sleeves, straps or collars. Always look elegant and simple at the same time. The neckline of such dresses is always shallow, but the finish can be very diverse. They are most often sewn from silk, velvet, satin and light knitwear. Also, they can differ both in classic restrained, and in brighter and even defiant shades. Light jewelry or expensive jewelry is always worn under such outfits. It can be a thin thread of gold or silver earrings with an elegant watch. By the way, great jewelry and accessories can be ordered at the Goddiva online store.

Evening dresses can have different lengths, but in most cases it is always the maximum. The cut of the dresses is less restrained than in the previous version. He can open the neckline, arms and shoulders, making the girl incredibly spectacular. Such dresses are sewn from expensive fabrics like velvet, silk, organza. Also, brocade or even light chiffon and knitwear. Decorative trim may include lace or embroidered inserts. Wearing such dresses with jewelry is not only possible, but also necessary. It is also allowed to complement the image with capes and stoles from a variety of materials. In the Goddiva online store, you can order not only an evening dress, but also jewelry for it.

When you decide to go to an event, you should always know the context. What will be appropriate and inappropriate at large receptions, parties or trips to the theater. Visit the Goddiva website and choose a dress for any occasion!


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