Finding a special device for adults that will not let you down at a crucial moment requires a thoughtful approach. The Amorelie online store has selected the most relevant tips for devices of this type. Let’s get started!

Do you love each other and want to diversify your intimate life? We have collected relevant tips for choosing the most suitable devices. They will help to get new sensations and will contribute to a greater rapprochement between two people who love each other. Well, let’s not waste time!

How to pick the size?

The size of a standard device is about 18 cm (7 inches) long and 4 cm (1.5 inches) in diameter. However, physiological characteristics, tastes, and needs are different. Therefore, in special stores for adults, you can find toys with a length of 10 to 40 cm and a diameter of more than 7 centimeters. Special devices of any size and shape can be purchased from the Amorelie online store.

What should be the material?

Most often, things of this type are made of gel, cyberskin, silicone, PVC, plastic or glass. Each material has its pros and cons. Yes, they serve different purposes. Therefore, the better you understand your needs, the easier it is to make a choice. In the Amorelie online store, you can order a device from any of the above materials.

Distinctive Features of the Gel

Gel vibrators have countless positive qualities. They are elastic, bright, and beautiful. The smooth surface provides excellent glide. It is suitable for almost every woman or girl, as it has no contraindications. You can order a similar model in the Amorelie online store.

One of the main advantages of gel substitutes is their relatively low price.


Such imitators and substitutes are suitable for almost everyone. They do not cause allergies, are easy to care for, and on their smooth surface there is nowhere for bacteria to hide. Similar models can be bought in the Amorelie online store.


Glass substitutes have proven themselves in use. They do not cause allergies, easy to care for. A similar model can also be found on the Amorelie website.

What Is Cyberskin?

Cyberskin devices look and feel almost like the real thing. Moreover, the more expensive the toy, the more realistic the sensations. The high price is perhaps the main drawback of such a device. Premium versions of the sex toys can also be purchased from the Amorelie online store.


Quite elastic and at the same time quite rigid, polyvinyl chloride is a practical and durable material for artificial substitutes at an affordable price. Of the bad things, it has low thermal conductivity.

Silicone Specifics

Silicone substitutes are the most popular. And deservedly so. They are quite flexible, durable, hypoallergenic and quickly heat to body temperature. There are no pores on the surface of silicone where bacteria can accumulate, so it is easy to care for. Just wash with soap and water. Similar models can also be purchased from the Amorelie online store.

By purchasing a toy from the Amorelie online adult store, you will receive an excellent substitute made of quality materials.


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