With the onset of cold weather, we all want comfort and warmth. To stay on trend during the autumn-winter season, fashion designers create more and more comfortable bows. And at the same time stylish models of outerwear for women. Since summer is coming to an end, let’s take care of warm clothes. We will discuss what choice to make in order to feel comfortable and look stylish in the cold season. Well, the best and most stylish clothes can be ordered on the Mango website.

In today’s article from Mango, we will analyze the top new items. They will be at the peak of popularity among outerwear models in the fall-winter 2022-2023 season.

Leather Trench & Jacket

All fashionistas know about the popularity of leather goods in the 2022-2023 season. Leather outerwear is easy to combine in everyday looks, and even evening bows. You can choose the current model of a raincoat or jacket, both from genuine leather and eco-substitute. The color scheme offers us many options to choose from because both basic and rich shades are in fashion. The best trendy clothes can be bought at the Mango online store.

Checkered Print Coat

The trendy trend of the autumn-winter season is the cage. Especially nobly, this trend has spread to outerwear models. A plaid coat succinctly complements any winter image of a woman with boots or high boots. A checkered coat looks good in both a long model of basic colors and shortened versions of bright shades.

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Bomber is a sporty jacket. Modern fashion offers to combine a bomber jacket with cocktail dresses, trousers and light skirts. The range of colors and prints of this model is intangible. So, choose the jacket model that you like best.

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Coat Maxi Length

The most elegant type of coat is the maxi length model. It is comfortable, cozy. At the same time, you can flaunt the streets both in a sports bow with sneakers and in an evening look with over-the-knee boots.

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Down Jacket

Fashion designers this season offer to wear down jackets not only in casual style, but also in evening bows. Modern models of down jackets are juicy shades, diverse styles and luxury prints. Elongated options look especially impressive, as well as down jackets that resemble a blanket.

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Quilted Coat With Belt

A quilted coat is a combination of a coat style and a down jacket in one product. A trendy addition to a stylish coat is a belt. It creates a beautiful feminine silhouette.

Wear coats in street style outfits with rough boots, and pair in elegant looks with heeled boots. In both cases, a quilted coat with a belt will be the finishing touch to a laconic look.

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But the most important thing in any image is how comfortable you yourself feel in it. The internal state is the determining factor of any successful bow. Love yourself and don’t be like everyone else!


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