The drill is actively used to make holes in brick, concrete, wood. When tightening and loosening screws. For repairing pieces of furniture and drilling holes in metal. There are a large number of models on the market. They differ in power, capabilities, availability of additional functions. Thanks to such a large selection, both a simple man in the street and a professional can choose the appropriate model. It will satisfy his requirements in the work as much as possible and will be suitable for the price. In the B&Q Trade Point online store you can order almost all models of drills.

By Class, Drills Are Divided Into:

  • Household drills: characterized by simple components and moderate quality. Not designed for permanent loads. Suffer from insufficient cooling. Cases are made of simple plastic, rubber and other materials that cannot withstand high loads and intensive work;
  • Hobby-class: for use in small workshops and workshops where work volumes appear periodically. This tool is characterized by high quality, good assembly, wide functionality. The cost is quite acceptable – a little higher than household units. But cheaper than expensive pro models. Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store;
  • Professional drills: all sorts of innovations are applied in the process of their manufacture. High-quality materials, although they increase the cost, make it possible to avoid all negative situations with the tool. Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store.

Both Household And Professional Drills Can Have:

  • One speed. Such a drill is practical to use and has an affordable price. It will help with small household chores or minor repairs. Also, it can be used as a simple corded screwdriver. If necessary, mix the solution or make several holes in the wall of such an assistant should always be at hand. Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store.
  • Two speeds. They are more functional. These are expensive drills with a wide range of applications, they can absolutely freely endure serious loads and undergo complex repairs. Reinforced housing design, powerful motor and gearbox, and in some cases also electronic control makes it possible to effectively mix solutions. At the same time, drill thick metal, work with crowns on wood or drill brick. Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store.

Today, choosing a drill for the home is a serious task that requires certain knowledge. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the main types of this tool in order to find out their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Hammerless drills. As the name suggests, these are those that do not have a kick function. They can easily drill metal, wood or plastic, but they cannot cope with harder materials (brick, stone, concrete). Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store;
  • Drill driver. Lightweight and practical, it is light in weight and is actively used for twisting furniture and other small work. Differs in availability and simplicity of operation. It has a reverse function, the ability to adjust the torque. Diode illumination is built into some models for convenience of work. Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store;
  • The cordless drill driver is mobile, compact, has high performance parameters, and is convenient to use. Performs almost the entire range of work – drilling, tightening screws and others (except for mixing solutions). Replaceable batteries allow you to quickly charge them, which makes work uninterrupted. Such models can be found in the B&Q Trade Point online store;
  • Impact drills. Practical in that they have 2 modes: drilling and drilling with impact. Thanks to the impact simulation, it is possible to make holes in red brick, expanded clay, foam or aerated concrete. However, in conventional concrete slabs with granite chips, this device is of dubious effectiveness. And most of the time it can fail. But in any case, for small jobs, this is a universal helper for the home. Once again, we want to draw your attention to the fact that a drill is not a hammer drill. It does not have a reliable pneumatic mechanism inside. This is a very simple system that creates the impact effect. Two gears with teeth jump over each other. And, thanks to the high engine speed, it is characterized by a very high number of strokes per minute. Of course, such a ratchet mechanism wears out quickly. And with constant, voluminous work, it can also damage the remaining components of the tool. But for the home – a very good tool. It can be purchased at the B&Q Trade Point online store;
  • Angle drill. Such a drill belongs to the category of a highly specialized tool. Designed for work in hard-to-reach places. It has a specific body design, which does not allow it to be used as a home instrument. But, any work of professionals in the installation or installation of complex and angular structures is elementary. Such a model can be ordered in the B&Q Trade Point online store;
  • Drill mixer. This is a powerful, non-impact heavy drill that can interfere with building mixtures of any viscosity. Also, drill with large diameter drills or work with crowns on wood or metal. Often these drills are not equipped with cartridges, and the beaters are screwed directly into the shaft. Basically, they are bought to work on construction sites. Therefore, they are very rarely seen in private use. Although, if you started a construction site at home, where you need to stir glue, gypsum or putty, this drill will be a great helper in this work.

Well, in this article we have reviewed the main types of drills that you can buy at B&Q Trade Point. Do everything with your soul, then any thing will serve you for a long time.


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