The lawnmower simplifies care of a kitchen garden, a garden, a lawn. With its help, you can ennoble the garden plot, carefully cut the grass on the lawn. The result is an incomparable landscape design that pleases the eye with its appearance. It will not be a shame to show such beauty to neighbors or relatives. But to achieve such a result is not so easy. Yes, a lawn mower turns a chore into an enjoyable hobby – but only if you pick the right model. Otherwise, it will be more trouble than good. By the way, an excellent lawn mower can be ordered in the Ryobi online store.

How to choose it correctly? What specs to look for? What else to consider besides them? We will try to make this task easier and consider the basic rules for choosing a lawn mower. And also, in this article from Ryobi, we will give useful tips. They can be useful for you to choose a good and functional model. Let’s go!

Which Lawn Mower to Choose: Main Types?

The first thing to do before choosing a lawn mower is to decide which one you need. We do not look at the characteristics yet, we will return to them later. The fact is that lawn mowers are very diverse. Also, there are different types. They are fundamentally different in terms of the principle of operation, convenience, efficiency. And it depends on how convenient (or uncomfortable) it will be for you to work with the tool. At the first stage, you need to decide on the design and type of lawn mower. Let’s consider these criteria in more detail. A complete range of lawn mowers can be viewed on the Ryobi website.

Lawn mower design

Depending on the design features of the lawn mower, there are 3 types:

  • wheeled;
  • trimmers;
  • riders.

Wheeled models are gardening equipment that moves on wheels. They have small dimensions and medium power. Suitable for mowing grass on flat terrain.

Trimmers are a low power mechanism that consists of a cutting tool, a rod and an engine. During operation, it is carried in the hands (can be fixed on the back with the help of shoulder straps). Used for mowing grass on uneven surfaces, in hard-to-reach places, around trees and shrubs. Most often they are used to care for a small area or to process those places where the usual wheeled model does not reach.

Riders are a small piece of equipment similar to a mini-tractor. It has 4 wheels, a steering wheel and is controlled by the driver. Runs on fuel. It is used to care for huge tracts of land. For example, on farms or golf courses. For mowing grass in a small suburban area, such a technique would be inappropriate because of its bulkiness and sluggishness.

The latest models of lawn mowers can be ordered on the Ryobi website.

Types of Lawn Mowers

After choosing the optimal design of the lawn mower, you need to decide on its type. Here the diversity is even greater, so this issue should be approached as responsibly as possible.

Mechanical lawn mowers

Mechanical models consist of:

  • block with a motor;
  • rods;
  • blades for mowing grass.

Additionally, they have a special handle that can be adjusted in height and angle. To mow the grass, the equipment must be held in front of you, grabbing this handle. Mechanical models differ in average power. The principle of their work is similar to ordinary scissors. But in this case, there is one stationary and a pair of movable knives.

Most often they are used for mowing grass in uneven areas, in hard-to-reach places and near plantings. They are perfect for small garden areas. Also for finishing areas where the classic wheeled lawn mower can’t reach. A similar model can be ordered from the Ryobi website.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol models are powerful and functional garden equipment. They are considered quite popular. They operate on fuel and do not require connection to the network. This provides complete mobility and makes it possible to care for areas at any distance from home. As for consumption, 5 liters of gasoline is enough for 30 hours of continuous operation. Petrol models handle tough grass with ease. They are also great for treating large areas. A similar model can be ordered from the Ryobi website.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric models are compact, economical, easy to operate. They do not require fuel, which immediately eliminates a permanent expense item. Yes, and almost everyone can work with them. There is no need to make an effort, as with a gasoline counterpart, or constantly hold it in your hands, like a mechanical trimmer (which is quite difficult). Electric lawnmowers require careful handling, as their parts are sensitive to any negative factors. If you want your equipment to work efficiently and for a long time, work with it as carefully as possible. Also, such models operate quietly (up to 80 dB) and do not pollute the environment. But they have their own characteristics that must be taken into account.

Electric lawn mowers are divided into 2 subspecies: wired; accumulator.

A similar model can be ordered from the Ryobi website.

In subsequent articles from Ryobi, we will analyze in more detail the features of working devices for the home and local area.


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