Do you want to own a watch? But if you don’t know anything about them, this article is for you. We will look at everything you need to know when choosing, explain how some models differ from others and how this affects the cost. In the question of how to pick a man’s watch, we focus on the aesthetic appearance. And you can choose the most suitable model in the Watchshop online store.

Which Mechanism to Choose

Before selecting a wristwatch for men, decide on the mechanism. There are two main options for the working mechanism: mechanical and quartz. They, in turn, are divided into subspecies. So, mechanical ones come with automatic winding and with manual winding. Quartz can be analog (pointer), liquid crystal, combined and using alternative power sources – autoquartz and eco-drive. According to reviews, each of them is good in its own way. But there are features that directly impact the appearance and practicality. However, you can choose the right model in the Watchshop online store.


Mechanics indicates the special status of the owner. This legendary accessory with an independent character emphasizes masculinity and temperament.

Mechanical watches not only tell the time — they tell a story. Created back in the 17th century, the mechanism is based on a mainspring. It, unwinding, drives the gears and the balancing ring. They, in turn, move the hands of the dial.

Spring performance is affected by humidity, gravity, magnetic field and pressure. Most models are protected from major factors, and some include a tourbillon that eliminates the influence of gravity. It is believed that this is the best men’s watch, so every self-respecting brand creates a limited edition of such items. In the online store Watchshop you can pick the right model for yourself.


The principle of operation is in a symbiosis of electronics and partly mechanics, where the electronic component acts as the driving force for moving the hands. Quartz sets the pace of the impulse, its crystals act as an oscillatory system. It’s all powered by batteries. But in some devices, work from solar energy is provided. This type of working part allows you to add numerous functions, so it will not be difficult to choose a quartz watch for men with a date or other meters. If a digital display is not used, it is almost impossible to distinguish mechanical from quartz externally. In the online store Watchshop you can choose the right model for yourself.

Swiss Or Japanese: Which Is Better?

Choosing the right good men’s watch will help not only the visual component, but also knowledge of the manufacturer’s country. According to reviews, the most reliable and high-quality are Japanese and Swiss watches. But it is difficult to call them competitors — each manufacturer has found its fans.

If in doubt how to choose a man’s watch by manufacturer, compare the differences.

  • Swiss is the unequivocal choice of rich people with high demands and social status. They dream about such watches, they collect them, they are proud of them. The best men’s watches are often equipped with cases made of gold, platinum, and other precious metals, decorated with diamonds. Bright representatives of this category are Rolex, Breitling, Ulysse Nardin. Premium segment watches – Longines, TAG Heuer, Oris, Rado. However, you can find affordable copies, and they will be no worse in quality and accuracy. Middle price segment — men’s watches Tissot, Luminox, Candino. Which watch brand to choose depends on taste and budget? In the online store Watchshop you can pick the right model for yourself.
  • Japanese — differ in functionality and original design. Japanese masters prefer exclusivity of appearance and reliability. Among the well-known brands are men’s watches CASIO, Seiko, Orient, Citizen, Minase. There are many others in this series, producing both elite and affordable models. If you need an accessory that emphasizes modern style and individuality, pay attention to the manufacturer from the land of the rising sun. In the online store Watchshop you can choose the right model for yourself.

If the question is which men’s inexpensive watches to choose, having made a successful investment in innovative technologies, Japanese copies will be the best option.

For admirers of the classic version – the choice is up to the Swiss masters.

Watchshop online store consultants will tell you how to choose a man’s Swiss watch, what is special in the assortment of watchmakers from other countries. Call us or write – we will answer all questions.


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