Creating a unique room design depends on the main idea. This is the foundation on which the composition, style, color palette is based. But the leading elements in creating a general image are little things, small touches. They give the interior completeness, completeness. Thanks to them, the apartment can acquire its own unique atmosphere, zest. One of these elements can be a picture. By the way, incredible paintings can be found in the Artfinder online store.

First of all, it is worth deciding on the style in which the main design is made. The picture should not look like a bright incomprehensible spot, torn off from the overall composition. On the contrary, emphasize and harmonize with the interior of the room.

Size Matters?

You can hang a picture you like just like that, but such a spontaneous decision will not always have positive consequences. For example, if you do not calculate the distance, then a work of art may simply not fit. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately consider the dimensions of the surface. At the same time, do not forget about some distance between interior items. When choosing paintings, you can pay attention to several options for location. There are paintings consisting of several parts that continue each other. This can be interesting to beat by alternating them, for example, with photographs. But to emphasize the atmosphere of a room or even a house, order paintings on Artfinder.

How Not To Make Mistakes With The Content?

The choice is subjective. It is impossible to give any precise recommendations here. But there are still a few points worth paying attention to. The first rule of any choice is that it does not annoy you. Yes, it sounds a little strange. However, this phenomenon is quite common. After buying any thing you like, after a certain period of time, it begins to annoy us. And in order not to be disappointed in your choice, order the best paintings on Artfinder.

Color Palette

Any good painting of any style, even impressionism, even modern, has a color palette. Without it, a competent composition is impossible. It would be possible to divide this color palette into many subcategories, but for convenience, we will highlight the largest ones:

Cold tones. These include all shades of the rainbow from purple to green. Green is a compromise color. It can be safely attributed to both those and other shades.

Bright tones. In a sunny room, with yellow wallpaper, a picture consisting of such a palette will not look the best. Therefore, it must be hung in a room in dark colors.

Warm tones. They are less dangerous in their application. Perfectly combined even with dark shades in the room, adding warmth and comfort.

Pastel shades. Perfectly combined perfectly can complement almost any interior. Especially good in places of rest: bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms.

When choosing bright, catchy paintings, you should think twice. The second rule is also important to observe, this is the ease with which the picture can be removed and replaced. Times change, tastes too, so you shouldn’t attach a picture for all ages. But, at the same time, fasteners must be of high quality and preferably invisible. To be sure of the quality of the canvas, order it on the Artfinder website.

Art is a very subtle thing. A picture is an expression of the vision of the world by a certain person. But if it is done with soul, then there is no doubt that it will be in demand. In the Artfinder online store, canvases are part of life. Therefore, they will definitely create an indescribable atmosphere in your apartment or house.


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