Surely, you have read tips on how to match the shade of lipstick to the color of your eyes, hair, and clothes. All this is fine, but the main rule is that the tone of lipstick should not conflict with the undertone of the skin, which does not change throughout life.

One simple method for determining undertone is to look at the shade of the veins that show through the skin of the wrist. If they are blue, the undertone is cold; if they are greenish, it is warm. Armed with this knowledge, choose the color of lipstick:

• Owners of skin with a cold undertone can safely buy lipstick with a bluish note. For example, plum, fuchsia, blackberry. Avoid warm reds and hues with hints of orange, including coral and soft or rich peach.

• With a skin of a warm tone, lipstick with golden shimmer particles is beautifully combined.

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How To Choose Lipstick According To The Type Of Appearance: To The Eyes And Hair Color?

There are no rules, there are classic combinations, here are some of them:

• Brown eyes are successfully set off by lipsticks of red, brown, burgundy, purple shades. See the soft pinks too.

• Green eyes look more expressive in combination with ruby ​​and terracotta lipstick.

• Blue-eyed girls are almost all shades of pink, from translucent to dark. A spectacular and feminine look will turn out in combination with scarlet lipstick.

• Plum shades and nude lipsticks emphasize the depth of gray eyes.

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How To Choose A Lipstick Color For Your Hair Color?

• Ruby, scarlet, wine lipsticks are asking for brunettes’ makeup bag.

• To choose a shade of lipstick for a blonde, consider the undertone of the hair. Platinum-colored curls will suit cold pink colors. Warm honey blonde – peach, red lipsticks, as well as pink with golden notes.

• Blonde hair looks restrained, the emphasis on the lips will refresh the make-up. Your choice is red, pink, wine lipstick. For a casual look, nude shades will be a win-win option.

• Red hair always has a warm undertone and is “friends” with elegant and not too bright pink, peach, orange, pastel tones of different textures. For an evening look, keep a burgundy shade of lipstick in your makeup bag.

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How To Choose The Color Of Lipstick Depending On Age?

Makeup becomes boring without experiments, but there is one caveat: with age, the volume of the lips decreases. How to choose the right lipstick to look stylish, but not older than your age? We share life hacks of makeup artists.

• Delicate shades and translucent textures are suitable for young girls, you can “try on” rich and bright matte lipsticks for the exit. After 30 years, complement the palette with elegant beige, brown, red shades.

• In order not to emphasize wrinkles after 40 years, it is better to choose lipstick with an elegant satin finish or a wet gloss effect. Universal nude tones and shades of dusty rose will help out, they suit everyone. Be careful with rich burgundy and plum tones, if there is blue under the eyes, they will visually enhance it.

• After 50 years, matte textures gradually give way to classic gloss. Choose lipsticks with moisturizing ingredients, but not too light shades. Moderately bright colors in combination with a contour pencil will help make lips plumper.

The warmer the tone of the lipstick, the less it neutralizes the yellowness of the teeth. But cold shades on the lips emphasize a snow-white smile. “Whitening” colors are considered options with a blue undertone: fuchsia, plum, raspberry, light pink. The risk group includes brick, terracotta, coral, light beige lipsticks of any texture.

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Lipstick is an integral part of women’s day and evening wear. And here, – very important! – to be of good quality. Everything else is a matter of taste. BEAUTY BAY online store offers just such cosmetics. Be healthy and beautiful!


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