Good contraception is a must for a person who cares about their health and that of their partner. This is a critical factor in today’s world. Although medicine has reached an entirely different level, but, as they say: God protects the safe. The EIS Online Store is committed to being attentive to itself and its partner. Caring is the best expression of love! And we are starting. Go!

Latex – the juice of the rubber tree Hevea – is mainly produced in the countries of Southeast Asia. These are Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and others. Therefore, most European manufacturers have factories or order condoms in countries located in this region.

Note that the European standard requires that the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor be indicated on the packaging. However, the quality of a condom is determined not by the country where it is made, but by the requirements that the manufacturing company imposes on these products. High-quality contraception can be purchased at the EIS online store.


According to the European Union standard, the nominal width must be in the range of 44-56 mm. Condoms sold in Europe usually have a nominal width of 52 mm. To clarify: the width of a condom is half its circumference (pR). The condom should not be very loose; otherwise it will not protect. The highest quality contraceptives can be bought at the EIS online store.

So, most condoms common in Europe and the USA have the following dimensions: length – 180-190 mm, width – 52 mm. According to statistics, such sizes should satisfy 75-80% of men.

Some companies produce oversize condoms to suit all consumer needs. The largest of the condoms produced in the USA – TROJAN LARGE – has dimensions of 214 x 56 mm, the smallest – EROTICA SNUGGER FIT – 160 x 49 mm. Contraceptives of any size can be purchased at the EIS online store.

With Banana And Strawberry Flavor

The range of condoms is extremely diverse. Condoms with a smooth, rough surface. Corrugated, ribbed, with notches and antennae can satisfy any fantasy. For aesthetes – contraceptives with strawberry or banana flavor. Contraceptives are additionally treated with spermicidal and antiseptic substances. They can neutralize viruses. Contraceptives with different flavors can be purchased from the EIS online store.

Strength Test

In many countries, the physical and chemical properties of condoms are tested by inflating them on a special machine, like balloons. The most captious were the Danes. They consider a quality condom if it can hold 25 liters of air. And Malaysians are testing contraceptives for strength by pouring 3 liters of water into them. Before packing the condom, it is checked electronically for the presence of microcracks.

But despite such a strict check, condoms still break, and sometimes at the most inopportune moment. According to experts from the International Planned Parenthood Organization, the likelihood that a condom will break is one in a hundred. However, the EIS online store sells the highest quality contraceptives.

Is a condom harmful?

The composition of the material of manufacture: includes ammonia, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, sulfur, vulcanizers and other components. To find out how toxic these components are and whether they can cause allergies, toxicologists examine the composition of rubber. Therefore, if your health is important to you, buy condoms from pharmacies and specialized online stores such as EIS, which sell proven products.

Pleasure should bring joy, not sorrow! Be healthy!


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