Sneakers have firmly entered the everyday life of any person on the planet. Naturally, there are an incredible variety of models of this shoe – from sports to casual. But how do you choose the one that suits you? First of all, you need to understand what is the purpose of the purchase? It could be training. Then, we need, for example, cross-country. It may be that you want to match a pair of bows in a sporty style. Then, this is a completely different type of sneaker. In this article, we will analyze in detail the question of the correct choice of this shoe. But, you can follow the fixed link and order sneakers in the Kickz online store.

How To Choose The Right Shoe Size? Basic Rules:

  1. Shoes should not press. The main thing is to pay attention to the condition of the thumb. If there is discomfort, then it is better not to take such sneakers.
  1. The heel should be comfortable. You should not feel like the back of your foot is in a vice.
  1. Sneakers should not dangle on the leg.
  1. The pair of shoes you choose should be comfortable.

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How To Choose The Right Sneakers For Your Style?

Modern sneakers are sold in different styles. The choice depends on your personal style of clothing and preferences. If you are going to wear sneakers under classic jeans – pipes or cargo pants, in principle, any option will do.

If you’re a fan of skinny jeans and trousers, check out casual sneakers or sneakers. This is a cross between sports and casual shoes, which makes them versatile.

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Considering The Season Or How To Choose Winter Sneakers?

Who said that sneakers can only be worn in warm and dry seasons? It’s not like that at all! If you want to wear sneakers in winter, choose models that have the following qualities:

  1. Dense waterproof top (leather, suede, nubuck, dense synthetics).
  1. Thick sole.
  1. Internal insulation or fur.

Sneakers for autumn should have the same qualities. Unless, the insulation may either be absent altogether, or a bike and similar materials will act in its role.

Choosing sneakers for the summer is easy. Summer models are produced most of all, so there is something to see. For hot weather, light models with a mesh top are perfect, for cooler weather – with textile inserts.

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How To Choose Sneakers Depending On The Material Of The Upper?

When choosing a material, you need to rely on the season in which you are going to wear shoes, on personal preferences and planned images.

upper material: mesh and/or textile

Sneakers made of such materials are suitable for wearing in warm, dry weather. Suitable for bows with sports jackets or pants in a sporty style.

upper material: leather, nubuck, suede

These are the strongest and most durable sneakers. They are practical and suitable for almost any look and season.

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How To Choose Sneakers Depending On The Fit Method?


This is a classic version of the fixation of sneakers on the foot, and also, it is the most reliable. With the help of laces, you can also optimally adapt the fullness and shape of the sneaker to the characteristics of your foot.


This is the most convenient and fastest way, but not as reliable as lacing or snake. Velcro wears out faster and in some cases cannot be replaced.


Stylish and reliable way to fix sneakers. Most often used on casual style sneakers.

Sock Sneaker

Sneakers of this kind entered our lives not so long ago. They are a regular running shoe that continues like a sock. These shoes are very comfortable and look stylish. Sometimes they are complemented by lacing.

Combination Clasp

This is the most reliable way to fix. Usually, lacing is complemented by several Velcro along the length of the foot or one Velcro at the ankle, in the case of high sneakers.

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How To Choose Sneakers By Color?

In the case of choosing by color, for the most part, everything is individual and depends on your taste and preferences.

Here are just a few basic recommendations.

Do not wear colorful trendy sneakers to the office. Yes, in many offices there is no dress code guide allows easy casual. But, believe me, you should not go too far.

Don’t wear bright, classic athletic sneakers under cargo pants or other casual style.

Try to choose sneakers that are more versatile in color so that you can combine them with most of the items in your wardrobe.

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How to choose sneakers for everyday walking?


Since you will be wearing shoes for most of the day, you should be as comfortable as possible in them. The shape of the shoe, the method of fixation, additional elements – all this should fit your individual characteristics.


For everyday wear, unlike training models, it is better to choose sneakers made from natural materials. In them, the leg will breathe, you will be comfortable.

The Size

Shoes should be your size: not too loose and not tight.

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Where to buy good running shoes?

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