Are you sure you’ve tried the most delicious burger ever? For starters, forget about burgers once and for all as the simplest attribute of urban fast food. Nowadays, the classic burger is also served in fast food outlets and luxury restaurants. Exquisitely prepared minced meat buns can often be found even in the menu of elite establishments that have received a Michelin star. And this award, believe me, is worth a lot! But before moving on to the recipe itself, let’s find out what a burger, hamburger and cheeseburger are and how they differ from each other. By the way, go to the Tastecard website and get a discount on food in 1000 restaurants in the UK!

Classic Burger

This popular dish is a type of sandwich. But, so to speak, a strongly “advanced” variety. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of cooking recipes even for the “classics”. But the dish necessarily includes a minced beef patty. In addition, almost always among the ingredients are: fried bacon, onions, tomatoes and pickles or fresh cucumbers. All this is placed between two layers of fragrant soft bun. And, pay attention – a burger and a hamburger are not the same thing. The fact is that it is the hamburger that implies the presence of ham in addition to the cutlet. Essentially, you get meat with meat. Although they can often be found in one section of the restaurant menu, if you need to overcome a very strong hunger – order a hamburger! In general, there has never been any strict recipe for creating this delicacy (except, perhaps, for the presence of a cutlet). So, any burger is unique, it is a real culinary masterpiece. By the way, if you want to enjoy this dish in a themed restaurant, go to the site Tastecard and get a 50% discount.

Details that are really important to make an amazing DIY burger:

  • The ideal meat for a burger is beef. By the way, a cutlet in a burger, like a steak, has degrees of doneness. Medium well is considered optimal.
  • For burgers, lean tenderloin meat is not suitable. Brisket on the ribs will be the best option.
  • Stuffing is worth doing on your own. The taste depends on how finely chopped it is.
  • Do not use onions and eggs to cook cutlets! Black pepper and salt, nothing more.

Step by Step Recipe for the Classic Beef Burger

Delicious, very satisfying multi-ingredient delicacy is not so difficult to prepare. Although, it will take patience. But the end result is worth it. In fact, you will have to assemble a kind of “constructor” from different products. To achieve juiciness, the fat content in minced meat should reach 15-20%. To prepare the perfect dish, it is very important that each ingredient is of high quality. After all, just one element with a flaw will destroy the entire composition. And don’t forget the ham – it’s a hamburger recipe! There will be no problems with buns either. In any case, you definitely won’t have to bake them yourself, but you can always buy burger buns as part of a specially prepared set. Among the 1,000 UK restaurants featured on the Tastecard website, there are those that specialize in burgers.

Cheese is better to choose soft. Heated from the patty, it should evenly cover the other ingredients, as if “gluing” the buns. By the way, they can also surprise you. If you want something unusual, pay attention to the way of serving. For example, non-standard design looks very impressive. So, having experimented a little and ordering black buns of the original look, you have a chance to pretty surprise your guests with the exotic. Well, there is no reason to be afraid of black, since it is obtained from natural food coloring based on cuttlefish ink.

For cutlets:

500 gr. minced beef

1 teaspoon garlic powder

½ tsp kosher salt

½ tsp ground black pepper

4 slices of ham

4 slices semi-hard or soft cheese

For submission:

4 soft buns (preferably without bran, which detracts from the taste of beef)



tomato slices

sweet onion rings

ketchup, mustard to taste

The most delicious – made by hand. But there are also places where you can enjoy going. This opportunity is provided by the Tastecard website. Here you can subscribe and get a very big discount on food in 1000 restaurants in the UK.


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