You need to know only 6 concepts and 7 grape varieties in order to understand wine. And you know what? This is really enough to understand them on their own. You just need to understand a little the very philosophy of wine with which everyone rushes. This will allow them to enjoy, but more consciously. By the way, excellent varieties of wine can be purchased at the Fortnum & Mason online store.

Here everything is easy and clear:

  • Absolutely dry, neutral whites – invigorating, refreshing white wines, whose bouquet will not make you forget about everything in the world. For example, Chacoli, Vinho Verde, Pinot Grigio.
  • Cheerful, grassy whites are punchy and energetic wines to love or hate, often with the smell and taste of gooseberries. These are: Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, Riesling.
  • Rich, nutty whites are deep and fairly dense, with subtle nutty and oaky aromas. These wines are usually aged in oak barrels and have a pleasant roundness that contrasts with the absolute dryness. This includes Chardonnay from Burgundy.
  • Ripe white, with hints of fried toast – the main aromas of peaches, apricots and tropical fruits harmonize with vanilla warmth. They feel the iris depth of new oak barrels. Chardonnay from Australia has such an aroma.
  • Aromatic whites – fragrant white wines that combine exotic aromas with aromas of spring flowers. Varieties – Muscat and Gew├╝rztraminer.
  • Juicy, fruity red wine – refreshing and with a delightful clean taste. Of course, it’s Merlot.
  • Silky red wine, with a strawberry tinge – a ripe, fragrant wine with aromas of red fruits – Pinot Noir.
  • Intense red with a hint of blackcurrant – red wines with a characteristic aroma of blackcurrant. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Spicy, warm red – wines with a rich bouquet, which combines the aroma of wild berries, black pepper and chocolate. An example is the Australian Shiraz.
  • Juicy, sweet and sour red – intriguing wines with a grassy undertone and sweet and sour taste of red fruits. Chianti fits the description well.

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Based on this style, you can also add Orange wines with pleasure. So, knowing the very basics of the basics: the terroir, the character of the wine, the main grape varieties. Also, the main wine-producing countries. And, in general, you can drink wine wine and from time to time build up a knowledge base about them if necessary. All types of wine from dry to meat and fish to dessert can be ordered in the Fortnum & Mason online store.

But we say right away that such a need will definitely appear! Let not now, you will drink your favorite Valpolicella from Italy or Sauvignon from New Zealand for a couple more years. But wine is wine, once this topic captures and never lets go. In the Fortnum & Mason online store you can find not only wines, but also excellent dishes.

If we talk about the best varieties, then you should first of all choose those whose wine material grew in the mountains. Grape rocky surface. By the way, the Georgian Khvanchkara is distinguished by its unusual taste. For the same reason, Chilean ones are highly valued. Also, one should not forget the South African wines, which have been produced since 1659. In the Fortnum & Mason online store you can order both dry and dessert wines. Just follow the attached link.


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