What if all the practical gifts have already been given? The modern souvenir industry comes to the rescue. It offers us a wide range of means to personalize any item. Such gifts cause a lot of positive emotions. Never re-gifted, stored in a conspicuous place and shown to guests with special pleasure.

But if you want to really surprise your loved one, then order a personalized gift on the Daisy Maison website.

Engraved Personalized Souvenirs

Personalized souvenirs are now made quickly and beautifully. It is pleasant for all people without exception to have a useful thing on which a name and personal congratulations are written.

These can be vases, wallets, diaries, bathrobes, jewelry boxes, lighters, wine boxes. Also, pocket mirrors, flash drives, writing instruments, flasks, metal mugs and much more. All this can be ordered in the Daisy Maison online store.

Realistic Portrait From Photograph

Such portraits are drawn by street artists, so you have probably seen examples. Sometimes very expressive works are obtained. It remains only to frame and present. This type of personalized unique gift can be ordered on the Daisy Maison website.

Portrait With An Invented Plot In Which The Jubilee Is “Inscribed”

It costs quite a lot. The price depends on the size and urgency of the order. It looks pompous, there are a lot of connoisseurs of such gifts. And for work, the artist needs only a suitable picture. This type of personalized unique gift can be ordered on the Daisy Maison website.

Merry Cartoon

The hero of the day must be humorous, otherwise he will be offended. Ordering a cartoon in our time is a matter of a few minutes. By the way, this can be done on the Daisy Maison website.

Batik Custom

Fabric painters can create a one-of-a-kind item according to your wishes. Favorite flowers, landscapes of the native city, signs of the zodiac – anything. By the way, you can order this kind of gift on the Daisy Maison website.

Monogram, Monogram, Bookplate

Great gift! A monogram can be presented by itself (design development is the most expensive) in a frame and on an electronic medium. You can print interlaced letters on any souvenir. By the way, you can order this kind of gift on the Daisy Maison website.

Print On Canvas

You can, of course, print an everyday photograph surrounded by friends and family on canvas and varnish it. But landscapes look much more impressive. Therefore, by any means, get the shots that the hero of the day himself took on a recent trip to Venice or Paris, and order a chic gift. Big and bright.

The name of the hero of the day from the “Urban” letters

The point is that the photographer is looking for shop window designs, curves of arches, decorations of columns and windows in the streets of the city, in which the letter of the alphabet is guessed. Then photographs are printed and the name of the hero of the day is assembled from the letters. Pretty original!

Digital Printing on Natural Fabrics

Also a personalized gift that any woman will appreciate. It can be a neckerchief, a pareo made of natural silk or a decorative pillow. Given that the layout was created specifically for the birthday girl, the thing turns out to be absolutely exclusive. The drawing can be any – you can make pictures and inscriptions yourself. Great!

Portrait From Miniature Photographs

The fashion for such a collage appeared relatively recently, so you can still have time to surprise. For work, the designer needs to provide a couple of dozen photographs, from which a large portrait of the hero of the day will be composed. The final version in the frame looks decent.

On the Daisy Maison website, you can pick up any kind of personalized gift. We are waiting for you in our cozy online store!


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