Jeans are an indispensable item in a modern women’s plus-size wardrobe, but not all models are equally fashionable. We talk about stylish jeans 2022 to be in trend. Yours clothing online store has made a selection of the most relevant styles for the current season. Let’s go!

Low waist

No one thought that the zero trend would return so quickly, but the fact remains. Jeans for girls with a low waist are back in fashion today. This fact suggests that everything new is a well-forgotten old. This model looks great with sneakers and various kinds of sneakers. These jeans can be easily mixed with both sporty, urban style and casual. They perfectly emphasize the figure and allow you to feel more relaxed. A similar plus-size model can be purchased in the online store Yours clothing .


Someone predicts a quick decline in popularity for patchwork. Patchwork-styled jeans remain on the list of trendy models. You can choose from various options – both contrasting, with various color inserts, and plain. Jeans in the form of a checkerboard look cool with edging along the edges of the seams. They go great with sandals and light white sneakers. These jeans can be purchased at Yours clothing.

Straight Jeans

Straight cut jeans in a regular fit style are the basis of a modern women’s wardrobe. They will fit into casual, complement the Friday office look, suitable for academic and preppy. Modern style icons Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have already adapted straight jeans into their wardrobe. They look great with square-toed shoes – this year’s trend. Some London fashionistas wear them with classic pumps. Or the female version of the brog. You can wear a light blouse and a classic jacket on top. This model can be bought in the online store Yours clothing.


The most fashionable jeans of the season are free-cut models. The degree of width can be different – from restrained volume to total – in the style of popular rappers of the 2000s. The choice of styles is huge – you can take wide slouches, stylish balloon jeans or stop at the pipes. They go great with sneakers or skaters. On top, you can wear a loose sweater or body shirt. This model of jeans can be ordered on the website Yours clothing.


Along with the low waist, fashionable in the 2000s, flared models that were popular in the 90s were on the list of current styles of jeans. The flare is appropriate both from the knee and from the hip. But keep in mind that in the latter case, the bottom of the jeans will be wide enough. They look great with both shoes and sneakers. These jeans can be purchased at Yours clothing.


Plus-size skinny jeans in the 2022 season have moved into anti-trends – their fall in the list of trends has been predicted for a long time. They were replaced by skinny jeans, but not too tight at the top. You can pay attention to pipe jeans, cigarettes, carrots, as well as tapered fit models with a conical silhouette. They look great on almost all body types. This is especially true for people who need to emphasize the length of the legs. You can buy this variation of jeans in Yours clothing online store.

Fashion is constantly changing trends. But there are some things that will never go away. Women’s jeans fall into this category! Come to Yours clothing online store and choose the best!


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