A new themed café or service company is about to open, but what to choose for staff? Which uniform will be not only practical, but also good-looking for visitors?

Keep in mind that in addition to convenience and practicality, you need to care about the appropriate design. Your company should be recognizable and associated with certain colours. But you must remember the shape-shade ratio. Each vessel has its own content. It works here too. For example, if you have an art-house café with an emphasis on rock culture. Therefore, the stylization of clothing for staff under the gothic style will be relevant. We can give you numerous examples, but let’s focus on what is important to every theme restaurant!

Vital Parts Of Your Decision

Cloth And Fabrics

The material for the uniform can be picked based on the activities carried out by the firm, enterprise or company. It must be extremely wearable and reliable. You should not save on materials: fabric, buttons and fasteners. Considering the fact that the employee is at the workplace for a long time or emergency calls, if the services are related to the repair of plumbing or equipment, functionality must be provided. Also, you need to make sure that the clothes are washed well and dry quickly. Therefore, materials made based on microfiber technology, polyester with the addition of satin, cambric, chiffon, denim, matting, flannel and twill are preferred. This will ensure the elasticity, practicality and durability of clothing for staff.


Also, it is worth working out the image. You can’t sell building materials in a clean three-piece suit. You will not be understood by ordinary builders who are used to communicating with others like themselves. Therefore, always focus on the archetypes of the social stratum that is your target segment.

If your business is in the entertainment industry, then the colours of the uniforms should be more vibrant and energizing, but at the same time relaxing. Well, if you are involved in trade, then your colours should satisfy the basic needs of a person. For example, food is consistent with the basic survival instinct, so the uniform should be red or burgundy to attract attention immediately.

Brand Colours

The next thing you should pay attention to is the relevant colours of the company. They should sink into the subconscious of a person and be clearly associated with the company. They should inspire peace of mind and be synonymous with quality and practical value. Regardless of what you are doing. If you are in the financial sector, then honesty, reliability, clarity and speed are the main visual message that you should send on a subconscious level to the client. In this case, brown, blue, white and beige shades are suitable. Dark gray is also a good option. In no case should you use a range of bright colours. An exception may be polarity. For example, yellow and black. They are read as: “confident leadership”.

A well-designed specialized uniform for staff is also an effective marketing ploy to attract both customers and new employees. If people like it, then they are more loyal to your brand.


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