The military style entered everyday men’s fashion only in the second half of the twentieth century. Who would have thought that clothes straight from army barracks would conquer the streets of the most famous fashion capitals, as well as the hearts of millions of men and women? Military clothing is primarily functional – initially it was supposed to provide soldiers with maximum comfort during battle, and not restrict movement.

Trousers, T-shirts and military shirts provided security and hid from the keen eyes of the enemy. In men’s military clothing, loose, but not oversized styles reign supreme. Massive belts and heavy boots, ideal for barracks and scaffolding. Also, such clothes have pockets, most often deep and slipping, in order to quickly get the necessary things. On the Multiply Apparel website you can find the coolest things for a trendy look!

The accessories are dominated by fabric belts with massive metal buckles. Symbols of military ranks are shoulder straps, stripes and embroidery, which so often adorn men’s jackets and sweatshirts.

Military style is not only a cut, but also a color scheme. There are no very rich showy shades, contrasting combinations or futuristic prints. Naturalness and harmony are important, so the colors of the earth will always play a major role. So don’t be afraid to use all the muted shades of green, brown and grey! Feel free to mix these colors together or create trendy monolooks today. Military style in men’s fashion is not complete without a camouflage print. He probably doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. Such a motif can appear on any item of clothing, both on clothes and shoes, and on accessories! On the Multiply Apparel website you can find clothes for the most current look!

Who Should Choose Military Style?

Are you wondering if you would look good in military-inspired clothing? We have great news for you – military fashion suits every man. But, of course, not for every case. If you have a formal dress code at work, you must adhere to it. This style is also not suitable for family celebrations or formal meetings. However, in everyday occasions, you can confidently wear massive shoes, camouflage trousers, shirts with patches and trench coats! Modern fashion allows a lot – if you feel that the military style perfectly reflects your personality, opt for a camouflage monolook. However, if you are not completely sure about such a spectacular solution, include one or two elements of military in your everyday style. They are perfect as a refreshing accent for a muted foundation! And if you want to find clothes for the most fashionable look, go to Multiply Apparel.

Men’s Military Style – Casual Trends You’ll Love

Modern designers are willingly inspired by the military style. Thanks to this, you have many options for creating outfits with a military focus in the background. One of the most fashionable trends is cargo pants, that is, loose models with characteristic deep pockets on the sides of the legs.

They come in a variety of colors, but the most popular are earth tones and, of course, camouflage. Feel free to choose olive cargo pants with a gold chain and add a dark green long sleeve to them. Complement this set with a camouflage jacket with epaulettes on the shoulders and massive workers – the trendy military outfit is ready! In spring, you can choose comfortable black joggers with pockets and sneakers in a light brown shade. Pair it with a black sports watch, a cream tee, and a lightweight zip-up parka with a dark camouflage pattern. This set is sure to make a good impression! Or maybe you like a rock-military set? Pair classic men’s bottle green cargo pants with chunky-soled short workers or trappers. Add a bold print tee and a leather biker jacket with motorcycle stitching. In summer, you can opt for gray shorts, a grass green linen shirt and an olive denim jacket.

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