Love for jackets is in the blood of men. Distinctive features of this outerwear are restraint, respectability, uniformity, and style. Different people have different tastes. Another thing is that it comes in a convection of various styles. For example, business or casual. In terms of semantic load, they will be approximately the same, but in terms of expression they will be different. The meaning implies a similar kind of activity. Both classic and casual are welcome in the business environment. Therefore, jackets are different. There are long coat-like ones. There are short ones—under jeans and a shirt. In short, there are numerous options. By the way, great options can be found on the Jacomo website. In this article, we will look at the trends and find out how to combine jackets effectively with other types of clothes. Let’s go!

Jackets in Modern Fashion

The jackets, which do not constrain movements, are universal in purpose, have long-established themselves. They can be worn with all sorts of everyday bows. They are perfect for any look and style. Of course, you need to clearly understand what shades and colors to wear this or that outerwear. By the way, excellent variants of various models can be ordered on the Jacomo website.

The stylish jacket is a traditional classic. Nevertheless, every year, manufacturers of new brands offer diverse fresh ideas of styles and models in one interpretation or another.

Now let’s look at the main preferences. What is right for you? Casual, Smart-Casual, Urban Style, sporty or strict business? Specifically, it is worth starting from this. A wardrobe, like everything in this world, must have a foundation. And it differs from person to person. It is influenced by the way of life, thinking, and worldview.

How to Combine Jackets with Other Types of Clothes?

Characteristically, the jackets combined the most relevant colors for the male audience. It looks very stylish, charismatic, dynamic in many ways. Again, darker colors are businesslike and strict, but they must be diluted with light ones. In turn, light-dark. One element is enough. For example, a blue shirt and jeans paired with a beige or light-brown jacket and shoes. By the way, such sets can be ordered on the Jacomo website.

Men’s jackets of yellow, red, burgundy, blue, orange, light blue, khaki, mustard tones look actual. It is in tandem with jeans and informal trouser styles—they look great.

Note that along with restrained classic styles, jackets for men remain relevant all the time thanks to a clear-cut. For example, eco-leather and suede leather jackets that look so impressive in Urban style and various sports looks. By the way, clothes for creating various bows can be ordered in the Jacomo online store.

Non-trivial and comfortable parka jackets and quilted down jackets in a short and midi solution will not leave men indifferent.

Jackets made of light and dark denim in various styles, adored by many teenagers and young men, will become trendy. They have become a priority for casual weekend looks and informal street style and fusion looks.

As for the style, the classic men’s solutions in monochrome are still the leaders. They are more versatile. All styles—from classic to modern—can be viewed and ordered on the Jacomo website.

Nevertheless, jackets for men with geometric prints, inscriptions, color transitions, patterns will also become in demand this season.

Also, in the Jacomo online store, there are options for a variety of cuts. And in the new collections, beautiful stylish interpretations of the jacket for men were presented with newfangled finishes. For example, hoods, patch pockets, stitched pockets, stripes, shawl collars, cuffs, drawstrings and so on.

A good image for a man is half his success. The outside always reflects the inside.

In further articles, together with the Jacomo online store, we will continue to analyze the trends in men’s fashion in 2022-2023.


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