“I am not rich enough to buy cheap things,” said Baron Rothschild. Regarding cosmetics, this is one hundred percent true. Those people who do not want to spend money on quality lose in health and image. It’s basic: bad cosmetics affect the skin, cause allergies and increase pores. Those, in turn, accumulate particles of dirt and sweat. There are various complications that need to be treated. A good dermatologist, and after, a beautician cost a lot of money. Moreover, low-quality cosmetics contain preservatives and various dyes. They cause allergic reactions that develop into pathology. And the patient always loses his image. They don’t really want to talk to him. He is being avoided. And for women, this is doubly true. This is a simple causal relationship. Therefore, it is better that cosmetics be expensive and of high quality. Moreover, in fact, it will be much cheaper. You can purchase this in the Beauty Bay online store.

Here is what you should pay attention to foremost when choosing any cosmetics!

Best Before Date

Obviously, isn’t it? However, there are some nuances here.

The manufacturer promises a product shelf life of up to three years or more. So, it contains preservatives and other not very useful substances.

Good cosmetics, by and large, have a shelf life of no more than six months.


High-quality products instead of harmful preservatives contain natural substances in their composition. For example, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, vitamin E, grape seed extract, jojoba oil, aloe vera. Such a cosmetic product should sometimes be stored in the refrigerator. This point in the instructions and annotations must be specified. Such cosmetics can be purchased at the Beauty Bay online store.

But the substances that are often found in the composition and which should be avoided include:

  • Technical oil (Mineral Oil or Petrolatum). It can cause rashes and acne.
  • Propylene glycol, which causes numerous allergic reactions and irritations, as well as the appearance of acne.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate. It is an agent widely used in shampoos, shower gels, foaming agents. It is a dangerous ingredient in skin and hair care products. And as a detergent, it is rather weak.
  • Glycerol. It dries out the skin.
  • ANHYDROUS can be found in deodorants.
  • BHA is an ingredient that is a serious skin irritant and endocrine disruptor.
  • FORMALDEHYDE, which is often found in cosmetics for nail care.
  • PETROLEUM DISTILLATE. It can be found in foundation creams, mascaras, lipsticks, including hygienic ones, in perfumes.
  • FD&CBLUE6, D&C GREEN 1, D&CRED 1, D&CRED 3, FD&CRED3, ACID BLUE 3, ACID YELLOW 3, CI 174160 – toxic to skin.


High-quality cosmetics never smell strongly. That is, it does not have pronounced aromas. This is a sign that the product is with natural ingredients. This can be ordered in the Beauty Bay online store.

Country Of Origin

It is better to purchase cosmetics made in countries with a similar climate. These countries include: USA, France, Italy, Germany. In winter, funds from Finland and Canada will come in handy. Israel produces excellent cosmetics. Just in this country, they know a lot about good skin care. Great cosmetics are made in the UK. If you understand, you can find good manufacturers in any country. Well, the Beauty Bay online store contains all the best.


What does not always matter is the cost of funds. Mass cosmetics are produced in large quantities, which is why the price of one product is lower than that of luxury cosmetics. But the arguments in favor of buying good funds have been given above. And if you are interested in more, then go to the Beauty Bay online store.

Self-love is projected onto others. Love for others comes from love for yourself. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” are not empty words. It shows up in everything. Especially in things of beauty and hygiene. Respect and love yourself. Go to the Beauty Bay online store and choose the best cosmetics.


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