Only his story can tell about a genius. Especially if it is Serge Luten. This is a mysterious and very versatile person who prefers a reclusive lifestyle. He has a very full and interesting life. They say about such people: “He fulfilled his destiny.” Well, let’s find out a little about him. Let’s not waste time. Getting started!

“Fragrance should lead the way of the subconscious”

Serge Luten

Serge Lutens is a unique, distinctive, exceptional brand for which the creation of perfume is the greatest art in the world. Each fragrance is so unique that it seems as if it has its own soul, its own mind, thoughts and feelings. The mood of the perfume can give you hitherto unseen ideas and dreams, and the emerging subtle images take you far beyond the boundaries of the usual reality. In this article, together with the Sephora online store, we will plunge into the biography of one of the most prominent perfumers of our time. His name is Serge Luten. Let’s get started!

Who is Serge Luten?

He is a master. He is a maestro. He is a creator.

A French perfumer who endlessly loves the fragrant, bright Mediterranean and the hot, passionate East. He lives in imperial Marrakech and selflessly dedicates his great creations to him.

A talented designer, a gifted make-up artist and stylist, an artist and a wonderful photographer – all this is he, one of the most famous and recognized perfumers of our time. In addition, Serge Lutens is the holder of the title of Commander of the Order of Arts and Education – the highest among the three ranks of the Order of France. And it seems incredible that all these talents are intricately intertwined in such a multifaceted and contradictory personality.

Serge Lutens is best known for his rare gift for conveying the most unusual images in fragrances – however, he became famous long before the launch of the perfumery of the same name. By the way, the best cosmetics and perfumes can be ordered on the Sephora website. Follow the pinned link!

Luten was born on May 14, 1942 in the small cozy town of Lille in northern France. In ordinary schooling, he had obvious problems – as he himself said, due to the fact that he was simply not interested. When the boy was barely 13 years old, his father gave him advice: to go to study as a hairdresser – in order to at least have at least some income and a profession. And this choice turned out to be more than correct! Serge was a very capable and diligent student – and soon they began to talk about him. His talent as a hairdresser earned him recognition and fame among his clients, and Luten earned a well-deserved reputation as a master. Since then, women of fashion began to flock to Luten’s haircut not only from all over Lille, but even from nearby French cities. The hairdresser creates with such passion and creates such hairstyles that begin to delight absolutely everyone – from inveterate conservatives to adherents of the most daring and innovative ideas.

This was followed by a new breakthrough – simultaneously with hairdressing creativity, he also had original ideas in makeup. His non-standard vision of a woman’s face – white porcelain skin, dark, almost black, eyes and very bright lips: in the late 50s it was revolutionary and incredible! Serge Lutin became the first fashionable makeup artist in France. For more than five years, he has been doing absolutely all the covers for Voque – combing and coloring the models, which are shot by the most famous fashion photographers of the time. By the way, you can buy the highest quality cosmetics on the Sephora website. Follow the pinned link!

However, Serge Luten continued to be in a constant search for more and more new images – but absolutely everything that he started and what he undertook ended up with a style and taste that was rare in its impeccability. And in 1968 Christian Dior invites him to create his own collection of decorative cosmetics. It was the very first time in history that a fashion house released its own make up. Their collaboration lasted 12 years.

After fruitful work with Dior, Serge Luten discovers Morocco – and falls in love with this country forever … Now he lives in Marrakech, in an old mansion, where a huge old garden is laid out near the house.

Non-standard, original, ultra-creative ideas of Luten attracted the attention of specialists. By that time, Luten also began to engage in photography – he brought the work with the participation of his models to Paris and showed it to the editor-in-chief of Vogue. From that moment, in 1963, he began to work in the world-famous fashion magazine. His sense of style, incredible imagery, and immense aesthetic power in his work made Luten one of the most gifted photographers of the 1960s.

In the 1980s, Luten created his first fragrance, Nombre Noir, for Shiseido, where he served as creative director, responsible for the company’s visual image and international image. After creating his next fragrance, Serge Lutens decided to devote himself to perfumery. The world of his fragrances captivated him forever!

Niche perfumery Serge Lutens has never been designed for the mass consumer – each new released series of perfumes is purely inimitable and unique. Luten not only creates the image of his perfumes, not only takes part in the development of the design of each of the bottles for storing unsurpassed fragrances, but also personally photographs all his creations.

At the end of 1999, Serge Lutens creates his own brand and gives it his own name: Parfums Beaute Serge Lutens. The presentation of the brand took place in 2000. The brand has 2 lines – export and boutique. The collection elite line of fragrances can be purchased almost exclusively in Paris, in the Les Salons du Palais Royal boutique – these fragrances are highly valued and it is extremely difficult to find them anywhere else. Nevertheless, go to the Sephora website via the fixed link and choose perfumes and cosmetics for yourself and your loved ones!

What Makes Serge Lutens Perfume Different From All The Rest?

Firstly, only the best and most precious perfume extracts are used in the creation of Serge Lutens.

Secondly, all fragrances are, first of all, the work of a talented in everything, exceptionally outstanding person – a master who expresses his thoughts and ideas with the help of perfumery.

The perfume of the Serge Lutens brand captivates from the first seconds – it fascinates and delights, falls in love and embraces with passion, inspires and inspires. You should enjoy them only once – each of the Serge Lutens fragrances seems to tell its own story, it embodies a dream and evokes seemingly long-forgotten memories. The names of perfumes are unreal – they are very poetic and extremely figurative.

Today Serge Lutens is one of the most famous, recognized and adored world-class perfumers. All the fragrances created by the maestro are a story of strong, passionate, deep feelings, gradually opening the veil of their secrets. Smells are much more than just his element. It is called the Da Vinci of perfumery, and the uniqueness of Luten’s creations lies in their inaccessibility – only some of the fragrances of the huge collection of Serge Lutens are allowed to be exported outside of France.

“My perfume is a piece of my life that you make your own, so I want it to be filled with real emotions!”

Serge Luten

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