A down jacket is an absolutely indispensable outerwear. This is especially true in late autumn and winter. It warms perfectly, allows you to feel confident and comfortable even in the most severe frost. That is why fashion designers pay so much attention to down jackets in their collections. Increasingly, you can see original, bright models of these irreplaceable jackets on the catwalks. What are they – fashion trends for women’s down jackets for the winter of 2022-2023? Let’s get to know them better. By the way, the latest models can be bought in the Pockets online store.

The traditional styles of down jackets, of course, are still in trend, but it seems they got bored. This season, models with an original cut will be popular. Also, accent elements of decor, not in winter bright colors. Down jackets-capes, oversized, striking in their scale. To this, we can add ultra-short half-bombers, quilted textures and fitted styles. And this is only a small part of the variations of fashionable down jackets that eminent fashion houses offer this season. Let’s talk about them in more detail. And if you want to order the most trendy model, go to the Pockets online store.

Without sleeves. In 2022, trendsetters have decided that we can wear down jackets starting in early autumn. To do this, we will have at our disposal a model in the form of a vest. In fact, this is the same cozy down jacket, but without sleeves. Combine it with a warm jumper or sweater in the evenings, or with a turtleneck or pullover during the day. The length varies from cropped to midi, so there will be plenty to choose from. This type of model can be ordered in the online store Pockets.

Down jackets-capes. Classic capes went out of fashion a few seasons ago, but cape down jackets are just ascending the fashionable Olympus. The ideal model of such a jacket, made according to traditional canons, can be found in the collections of leading fashion houses. Also, some brands have pleased fans with an oversized model. Also, a variant with an accent collar was presented to the world. He, too, by the way, is one of the fashion trends of the current season. You can buy this type of down jacket in the Pockets online store.

With a belt. Fashionable down jackets are now officially allowed to be supplemented with a belt. And it doesn’t have to be bundled. And if earlier it was completely unacceptable, today such a bow is an absolute trend. Belts can be wide and thin, rag, plain, or decorated with embroidery and beads. Stylists advise combining belted down jackets with warm sneakers. Also, with knitted hats or insulated baseball caps as a headdress. You can buy this type of down jacket in the Pockets online store.

Down jacket. A very feminine model that will help you create a stylish, fashionable look even in the coldest weather. The classic down jacket usually has a midi or maxi length and a loose fit. It makes you feel comfortable in cold weather. This model is ideal not only for young fashionistas, but also for women over 50 who want to follow current trends. You can buy this type of down jacket in the Pockets online store.

Oversize. Fashionable women’s down jackets, made in the style of oversized—an option exclusively for brave fashionistas. As we said a little earlier, the dimensions of these clothes are striking in their scale. But this model is ideal for creating a multi-layered image. In general, it will be nice to combine with the basic things in the wardrobe. At the disposal of women this winter will be quilted, cropped, asymmetrical, classic oversized down jackets. If you want something more extraordinary, take a closer look at the velvet model. You can buy this type of down jacket in the Pockets online store.

Asymmetrical. Avant-garde asymmetry continues to be in trend. And we are not talking about the hem of different lengths – this direction is gradually becoming a thing of the past. It was replaced by an accent cut with a pronounced geometry. Asymmetrical fashionable women’s down jackets are recommended by stylists to be combined with laconic elements of the wardrobe. At the same time, shortened models of jackets are more suitable for a bow with a skirt. Whereas any length will look good with trousers. You can buy this type of down jacket in the Pockets online store.

Shortened. This warm model of a winter down jacket is suitable for girls who spend a lot of time driving a car. The cut of shortened down jackets in 2022-2023 is divided into two types: straight loose and with an elastic waist. In the latter case, the jacket becomes like a bomber jacket, which means that it can be safely used for casual and street style bows. This model goes well with a pleated skirt, leather trousers, a long straight dress, as well as A-line skirts and dresses. You can buy this type of down jacket in the Pockets online store.

In subsequent articles from the online store Pockets, we will analyze the styles and colors for this season. Happiness and warmth to you!


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