We willingly believe that your wardrobe contains your favorite thin jeans, light T-shirts and comfortable shorts. But without the dress, he looks incomplete. It emphasizes the dignity of the figure, helps to create a feminine bow and feel comfortable in the heat. Designers offer styles of summer dresses for different types of women’s figures and for every taste. They can be ordered in the online store Rotita.

Off the shoulder, ruffles and pleats, puffed sleeves. There are also flounces and ruffles, fluffy skirts that emphasize the waist and create additional volume in the hips. Summer dress-year, retro, as well as juicy and classic colors… And this is not the whole range of summer outfits. They can be purchased from the Rotita online store.

How To Choose A Dress For The Summer

There are no women who do not suit dresses. There is a lack of harmony between the silhouette and the chosen cut. We will show you how to choose summer women’s dresses and sundresses in order to look original and stylish in 2022. To do this, select the types of female figure. Having decided, you will never make a mistake with the choice of a bow, you will learn to hide flaws and emphasize only advantages. However, any style can be purchased from the Rotita online store.

  • “Triangle” has wide hips and a narrow top. Task: distribute accents and visually make the figure proportional. Before you look at the Rotita online store, remember: you should look for airy items with a loose skirt. Preferably with bare shoulders.
  • The “inverted triangle” speaks for itself: massive shoulders against the background of narrow hips. From the first and need to divert attention. You can buy such a summer dress in the Rotita online store. The main thing is that it should consist of a simple top, long sleeves (or three quarters) and a flowing skirt. Basque can also help out, which will add volume where necessary.
  • “Apple” is distinguished by noticeable volumes at the waist. Often such a figure has to pick up summer dresses in the section for obese women. These ladies have graceful arms and legs, but they have large breasts, belly and heavy body. A stylish solution for them will be spacious tunic dresses with voluminous sleeves and no accents at the waist. A high waist and a loose skirt also look good on the “apple”. This style of summer dress can be bought at the Rotita online store.
  • “Rectangle” is close to the male type of figure. There is almost no waist, and the top and bottom are approximately equal in width. Summer dresses are suitable for such girls, often large sizes, with a low waist, as they wore in the 30s. You can stop at the option with a decor on the skirt and the upper part of the clothes – to give harmony to the silhouette. Such a model can be purchased at the Rotita online store.
  • “Hourglass” is easy to define. They are immediately visible by the narrow waist, voluminous hips and chest. These girls can wear different styles of summer dresses, the main thing is to get in their size. Fitted variations are their forte. Similar models can be ordered in the Rotita online store.

Buttoned Sundresses

This is literally the hit of this season. Such popular women’s summer dresses should be in everyone’s wardrobe. You can buy them in the Rotita online store. The most attractive – in a milky shade.

Summer Dresses In Flower

With long summer dresses of this color, of course, you have to be careful. The trend is “natural” and slightly fantasy flowers – a little faded, as if burnt out in the sun. The size of the prints is from small to medium. This option can be purchased at the Rotita online store.

Summer Dresses With Polka Dots

Who said that this summer dress is only suitable for a little girl? There is a hot trend in front of you – only the lazy does not know about peas. Colors: black and white, caramel and any natural shades. this model can be ordered from the Rotita online store.

Wrap Dresses

Also not a new model for us. The good news is that wrap styles are great for slimming and shaping. Such summer dresses are great for those who wear sizes above 50, and they are inexpensive.

Summer Shirt Dresses

This is perhaps the most versatile thing! A plain white summer dress or a striped version can be found at the Rotita online store. For the office, choose a thick shirt fabric and midi length. For walks around the city and sea recreation – soft cotton and linen fabrics. And the length is up to you.

Loose And Short Dresses

Sweep dresses, straight or bell-like – not fitted. Summer large free cut, suitable for both slender reeds and girls who want to hide their tummy. Who should look at such styles with caution is girls with a pronounced hourglass figure. They are more suitable for other styles. A similar model can be purchased at the Rotita online store.

Striped Dresses

This season it is of different widths, mostly vertical. Natural fabrics and shades are welcome. Such a beautiful and light summer dress is suitable for everyday wear and for a special occasion. This model can be purchased from the Rotita online store.

In general, the trend is determined only by what suits a particular person. Therefore, choose what you like in the Rotita online store. Be beautiful and happy!


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