Everyone loves fragrant roses. Scarlet, white and pink buds are the most popular choice for any occasion. He certainly will not leave a person indifferent. But roses have one very important secret that you need to know – these are the uterine petals, or the so-called “shirt”. By the way, the best bouquets of various roses can be ordered on the MoonpiG website.

What are Royal Petals?

The uterine petals or “jacket” are 3-4 thick outer petals that protect the delicate bud during ripening and flowering, but due to their rough appearance, they often give the rose an untidy or stale appearance. Usually, when a bouquet is bought, sellers recommend getting rid of this outer layer. And why this should be done, read below. In the MoonpiG online store, our designers carefully approach both the design and consultations on the safety of colors.

Why Don’t Florists Remove Them?

According to the standards, the florist must leave the shirt on the flower so that it arrives to the recipient safe and sound. This is mainly a guarantee that fragrant buds will not be damaged during transportation. However, some florists choose to remove them so that customers do not accidentally mistake such a rose for stale. When receiving a bouquet, specialists from the MoonpiG online store are interested in whether it is necessary to remove the top layer of petals. If there is such a desire, then the bouquet comes already with the prevention of the outer layer.

Why Do You Need to Remove the “Shirt” Yourself?

Once the roses are delivered, trimmed and placed in a vase, the work of the mother petals is done. Cut flowers need a lot of energy to stay fresh longer. So, the fewer petals, the longer the remaining ones will stand. By leaving the “shirt”, you are taking energy from the more beautiful petals that really need it. Therefore, it is better to immediately pinch off the excess and give the rose the opportunity to keep the delicate inner petals fresh for as long as possible. In addition, the uterine petals are not very attractive, and without them the bouquet will immediately change. Therefore, as soon as the bouquet has been delivered, MoonpiG designers recommend a thorough preventive maintenance of the outer layer of the petals.

How to properly remove the “shirt”?

Be very careful not to damage the more sensitive inner petals. Hold the rose by the stem and then squeeze the uterine petal with your thumb and forefinger and pull it up and out. They come off easily, so we don’t recommend pulling too hard.

How Will This Help My Bouquet Last Longer?

If you cut roses daily, wash the vase and change the water, the bouquet will delight you for up to a week and a half. Removing the protective petals will extend freshness throughout its lifespan and also help the flowers look amazing.

Additional Care Tips for Cut Roses:

  • Remove any leaves that may be underwater. This will help to avoid rotting and premature wilting of the bouquet.
  • Change the water and trim the stems every day.
  • Cut the stems with a sharp knife at a 45º angle and then make a deep vertical cut to help the flowers drink.
  • Keep the vase away from direct sunlight, heaters, drafts, and ripe fruit.

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