A huge number of women prefer casual style in everyday and business life. But how to satisfy millions of women around the world with one style direction? After all, we are all so different, with our own preferences, desires and characteristics. That is why this direction in fashion is divided into subspecies. Taking into account trends, preferences and tastes, we, together with the Secret Sales website, have prepared an up-to-date selection in this article!

  • Basic casual – a loose combination of casual wear. Energetic, active people like to dress simply, discreetly, but tastefully. Clothing should not restrict movement. Everyone can give free rein to fantasy, express themselves and at the same time not be considered an eccentric. In the basic casual style, layering is welcome, natural fabrics, with a small addition of synthetic fibers (this makes them even more practical). This kind of clothing can be ordered on the Secret Sales website.
  • Sport casual. The modern casual style is an interpreted sporty style, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that it was singled out as a separate subspecies. Active people in everyday life add sports-style items to their wardrobe. For example, a sweatshirt in the past was considered purely sportswear. Today, it has become an everyday thing. Using stylish and original fabrics, fashionable finishes, stripes, badges, the sweatshirt turns into a basic item of sport casual style. Also joggers, trousers with stripes, overalls, T-shirts, boxers, sneakers and so on. All of them have moved from professional sports to everyday life. By the way, they can also be ordered in the Secret Sales online store.
  • All out casual is a style direction that puts comfort and convenience in the first place. Natural fabrics that do not hinder movement, breathable knitwear, flat shoes – all this is the basis of the all out casual wardrobe. An offshoot of this style is rugged casual (casual regent) – the basis of which are warm practical things. Quilted jackets and vests, stylish scarves and shawls, knitted hats and snoods – in a word, looking at a person dressed in casual regent you feel warm and comfortable). Everything for creating images in these areas is in Secret Sales.
  • Smart casual – relaxed aristocratic style. It is characterized by expensive high-quality fabrics, perfect fit, discreet style, calm, close to natural colors. Lots of jersey combined with classic shirts, casually thrown over a perfectly tailored jacket combined with a T-shirt and jeans. All items for the Smart casual look can be ordered from Secret Sales.
  • Street casual – youth street fashion, where everyone can express themselves, stand out and get their share of adrenaline from everyone’s attention. Street style has already turned into an original culture, a kind of street theater. We watch photos of celebrities from fashion shows, wanting to repeat something. And to repeat these bows, order clothes on the Secret Sales website.
  • Business casual – this is what you would wear to work, so to speak, the style of a business Friday. This is the image of a successful business lady with a few touches of comfortable fashionable details. It borders on smart casual, but is distinguished by more colorful and bright colors, accessories, and a combination of more than three colors is acceptable in it. Things to create the image of a successful business woman can be ordered on the Secret Sales website.
  • Glamor casual – a combination of festive clothes with casual. So, shiny sequins, glamorous velvet, satin, lace and fur get along well with jeans, knitted turtlenecks, T-shirts and sneakers. Many girls love to look feminine and sexy, so this style is close to all fashionistas. You can buy clothes to create this look at the Secret Sales online store.
  • Dressy casual can be displayed in a separate block – a style based on feminine things, delicate shades. This style excludes jeans, sportswear. Very similar to the baby-doll style, but not as “vanilla” and “sweet”. Although, he is very fond of a certain type of girls. For this bow, clothes can be ordered at the Secret Sales online store.

You can talk for hours about casual style – from inexhaustible and multifaceted. But the fact is obvious: this is the most popular and sought-after image. And to choose the most trendy clothes for creating bows in this style, go to the Secret Sales website and order!


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