Traveling and traveling by bus have gained immense popularity. A certain circle of admirers has formed around this. These are tourists who recognize only this type of transport. For example, individual football fans rent large buses to travel to other cities for matches of their favorite team. This is understandable: its own party, atmosphere and specific humor. At Megabus, they always take care of their customers, but a person should know some things himself. We will focus on them in this article. Let’s go!

Clothes and luggage in general

At this stage, people often get confused. The most important thing is that everyone is always late and forgets to separate things for what they need at the hotel and directly on the Megabus bus. First, collect what you may need on the road. Another difficulty is that you cannot move around the cabin. It hampers a lot of movement. Therefore, the following must be included in the set:

  • Comfortable clothes. Best of natural fabrics, and according to the season. She should not squeeze and rub, so it’s better to forget about jeans. You should also not take things that can easily be wrinkled. Your best bet is shorts and a T-shirt. Do not forget that if the move will be at night, then you need to stock up on warm socks and a sweater. It gets cold in the cabin. Many take a cape or blanket with them – also a good option.
  • You have to take care of comfortable shoes. For the road, flip-flops, slippers or ballet flats (if the season permits) are best suited. Since you will stay in a sitting state for a long time, swelling may appear on your legs, so you should not be cramped in shoes.
  • An indispensable thing on such a trip may be an inflatable pillow in the form of a crescent. It will give more comfort during the move at night, relieve headaches and help you settle in a comfortable position.

Night journeys are no longer so relevant – passengers spend the night in special roadside hotels. But periodically, trips to Megabus provide for such an option.

First aid kit on the road

The list of medicines that you should have on a bus trip is about the same as the list of medicines for a train trip. The first-aid kit must be filled with drugs against cold symptoms and motion sickness:

  • Special medicines for motion sickness or lozenges;
  • Drops from nasal congestion and runny nose;
  • Lozenges and throat sprays;
  • Antipyretic and antiviral powders.
  • To this list, you can still add minor drugs like cotton wool, patches, iodine, anti-allergic (antihistamine) drugs.

Naturally, without fail, medicines for poisoning and diseases of the stomach. This is generally a separate item. Foremost, you need to remember that the water in another region differs in chemical composition. Naturally cooked food is also entirely different. This is especially true for distant countries.

Tasty snack

Of course, if the journey is quite long, then Megabus provides stops for snacks. But the passenger himself must carefully select food specifically for himself. There are many individual factors that simply cannot be considered.

A sample list of what you can eat on the road:

  • Sandwiches, preferably with raw smoked sausage (it does not need to be constantly stored in the refrigerator);
  • Fruits and vegetables – perfectly quench your thirst and are easily digested. They are a huge storehouse of fiber;
  • Cheese, nuts, dry biscuits are healthy and satisfying snacks;
  • Regular drinking water, thermos with tea or coffee.

Coffee also has its own nuances. It is not recommended to take soluble varieties on the road. The fact is that manufacturers often separate the caffeine shell and leave the core. Caffeine goes to drugs and energy drinks. Therefore, from instant coffee, you want to sleep.

Necessary little things

Many European, British and American gas stations provide a shower service. So make sure you have a small towel, soap and slippers. Of course, take all the necessary hygiene items with you – a toothbrush and paste. Take care of stocks of dry and wet wipes. But cosmetics will not be useful to you on the road, you should take only minimal care products – a mirror, a comb and lip balm. And comfort and a pleasant trip is already the business of Megabus.

Finally, I would like to add that Megabus is not just a way of transportation, but a travel philosophy. The road is a part of life, and it should not be empty. Happy travels with Megabus, everyone!


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