Are you looking for the perfect theatre experience? Look no further than LW Theatres! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the top 5 must-see premieres currently playing at our theatres. Whether you’re a fan of musicals or straight plays, there’s something here for everyone. Read on to find out more about these exciting productions!

1) Hamilton – If you haven’t seen this musical yet, now is your chance! It tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton and has become an international sensation. From its catchy music to its powerful message, Hamilton is sure to leave you with chills and tears. Be sure to book your tickets soon—this one is going fast!

2) Wicked – Another classic musical, Wicked tells the story of two unlikely friends and their adventures in Oz. It features amazing costumes, breathtaking sets, and incredible music that will have you singing along all night long. This show has been running for years and continues to be an audience favorite.

3) The Book of Mormon – This hilarious play follows two young Mormon missionaries as they attempt to spread their religion throughout Uganda. With its sharp wit and clever dialogue, it’s sure to keep you laughing all night long. Plus, it’s got some great music too!

4) Kinky Boots – Based on the 2005 movie with the same name, Kinky Boots follows a struggling shoe factory owner who finds success by catering to an unexpected clientele—drag queens! This upbeat musical features catchy songs and a heartwarming message about acceptance and friendship.

5) Avenue Q – Last but not least is Avenue Q—a raunchy puppet musical that follows a group of misfit characters living in New York City as they try to make sense of their lives. With its edgy humor and bawdy songs, Avenue Q is sure to leave you laughing until it hurts!

No matter what kind of theatre experience you’re looking for, LW Theatres has something for everyone! Our guide above showcases just some of the amazing shows currently playing at our venues—so don’t wait any longer; get your tickets today! You won’t regret it; we promise!


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