Almost any adult toy can be used alone or with someone. It’s all about the fantasy and consent of the partner. But there are devices that are specifically designed for paired use. The EIS online store has chosen the most successful models. Go!

In choosing a device for a couple, in addition to the price, you need to pay attention to how multifunctional it is. Think about whether you can use it solo or only with a partner. The material from which the toy is made is always important. Ideally, it is better to try it once and decide, so that you and your partner are pleased. Also, you can order in the EIS online store at the best price.

Vibration Bullet

A miniature toy often comes with two ribbed attachments that are designed to stimulate inside and out. 11 vibration modes and 4 speeds will adapt to any mood and task – from a gentle massage of the back or legs to intense penetrating movements. Manufacturers usually claim that the toy is quiet. So, you will not be distracted by unnecessary noise during intimacy. This device model can be purchased at the EIS online store.


A small plug is usually equipped with 6 vibration modes. Inside the design is a fairly strong motor. It maintains the required voltage current. It can be used both for preparation and for mutual play. Or maybe solo. You can adjust the intensity of vibrations remotely using a remote control, but usually, it is not included with the toy itself. A similar model can be purchased from the EIS online store.

Vibrating massager

The massager can be used for two: simultaneous massage for women and stimulation for men. At the same time, the petals can affect the desired zones of both partners. This device can be purchased from the EIS online store.


The round-shaped stimulator in its original form has a length of 7 cm, but during active use it can stretch up to 30 cm and take the desired shape. The inner surface has a ribbed structure, which enhances the effect of stimulation during movements. The manufacturer recommends a one-time use of the toy. This type of adult toy can be purchased from the EIS online store.

In general, on the EIS website you can buy everything that will suit your taste during this period of time. For people who love each other, there is practically nothing forbidden. Of course, if both agree to the experiments. And the EIS online store can help with this!


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