How is a person with taste different? First of all, a pronounced style. There are quite a lot of styles, but they have a clear and understandable description. Moreover, they were formed, often under the influence of subcultures. For example, Casual is the clothing style of football fans in England in the 20s of the 20th century. Then he migrated to the catwalks of High Fashion, and then to the wide everyday life of society. It has become so popular that it is now dominant. But in this article, together with Lacoste, we will begin to consider the main directions of fashion. Further, this cycle will be continued in subsequent publications. Well, let’s not waste time. Go!

1.Classic Style

The main characteristics of the style are clear lines, laconic design, discreet decor or its absence. Classic style is not necessarily boring, predictable or prim. The current collections of clothes and accessories for women include modernized silhouettes and new color schemes. Style constants are impeccable workmanship and high quality materials. The choice for the office, important meetings and formal occasions. There are things in the Lacoste collection that emphasize the status of the owner. For example, stylish leather bags.

2. Feminine Style

Hourglass silhouette, pleats, airy shapes and translucent panels. This is the most romantic style. He accompanies the girls on dates and celebrations. Modern ways to adapt the popular trend to everyday life and the cold season are to choose clothes in a dark palette and balance flying fabrics with denser ones. At the same time, combining a flowing silk skirt with a voluminous sweater, and a delicate mini dress with an elegant robe coat. The basic rules are to emphasize the waist and open the ankles. If you look at the Lacoste online store, dresses and accessories are specially designed for such a bow.

3. Art Deco

Draperies, sequins, flounces, an abundance of decorative elements, velvet, furs, lace, shining threads, glass beads and more … You can easily recognize the style if you watched the popular movie “The Great Gatsby”. The days of jazz fever and crazy evening parties have sunk into oblivion. But women still opt for evening wear in the pompous and resplendent Art Deco style.

4. Preppy Style

Originating in America in the 50s of the last century, the style characterized the clothes of students of prestigious colleges who were preparing to enter elite universities. Preppy features business style and smart casual. Woolen miniskirts, tweed vests, crisp shirts, pleated sundresses, polos, plaid blazers. Also, sweatshirts and cardigans are clothes in the best traditions of popular films about American teenagers. By the way, this type of clothing for such bows can be purchased at the Lacoste online store.

5. Scandinavian Style

In the northern style, cozy, concise and relaxed. The style is ideal for women who want to spend autumn and winter in comfortable and good clothes. Intentional and thoughtful simplicity unites the Scandinavian style of clothing with the already considered minimalism and oversize style, which we will discuss below. Great sweaters, jeans and shoes for this look can be purchased at the Lacoste online store.

6. Style “Oversize”

We have already noticed that clothing styles are increasingly reflecting popular aspirations for simplicity and comfort. You can spend the whole winter and autumn in voluminous clothes. Stylish oversized sweaters, coats and jackets allow you to create warm layered bows. A modern approach is to get a stylish ultra-light jacket and wear it under the usual outerwear. The Lacoste collection has the necessary items and accessories for this bow. Follow the link and order!

In this article, we touched on only 6 trends in modern fashion. There are about 30 of them. In subsequent publications, we will cover them all. In the meantime, follow the link to the Lacoste website and order the things you need to create fashionable looks!


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