The gazebo on the site near the house is a place to relax. So you can hide from the scorching daytime sun and rain or relax in the evening after a hard day. The question of what to make a gazebo comes up first. And there are a lot of materials for building a gazebo – the most common of them are wood and metal. But first of all, you need to make a foundation, and then the floor. So, in this article from the Idmarket market, we will analyze in detail what is needed for construction. Let’s go!

What to Build a Gazebo Foundation From

If it is planned to build a heavy structure, and the groundwater on the site lies quite high. At the same time, a place for a gazebo, a terrace or a canopy is chosen on a slope, a foundation is required. By the way, you can buy suitable garden furniture in the ldmarket online store.

The material for the base of the building can be concrete, brick or stone. In the first case, cement should be used, the grade of which should exceed the desired grade of concrete by 2-3 times.

Filler must be added to the concrete solution – sand, crushed stone or gravel. The proportions that must be observed when mixing the mortar are usually indicated on the cement packaging.

The material for a gazebo made of wood (necessarily on dry ground) is most often red brick. It is recommended to use solid, moisture resistant and well-fired bricks. Also, after arranging the gazebo, you can order artificial turf in the online store. This is especially true near the construction site.

What is the Pergola Floor Made of?

In the event that it is planned to build a gazebo, terrace or canopy without a foundation, there are several options for flooring. The simplest building material for the floor of the gazebo is the earth, which is sufficiently carefully leveled and compacted.

True, then you will have to endure certain inconveniences, especially during rain. For this reason, usually in buildings either a plank floor is laid. Either the coating is tiled from natural or artificial stone. And for gazebo furniture, it is best to order in the ldmarket online store.

What Else Can You Make A Gazebo Out Of: Brick

For the construction of the foundation of the building, it is best to use red ceramic bricks, and you need to take only full-bodied ones. This type of brick is distinguished by high compressive and bending strength. Resistant to temperature extremes, low moisture absorption. During laying, the red solid brick adheres well to the mortar.

And special rattan furniture for gazebos can be ordered at the ldmarket online store.


It’s also great stuff. If possible, choose medium or hard varieties. For example, it can be oak, beech or acacia. Soft ones, such as: spruce or pine, are also suitable, but the lights are less wear-resistant. Although, if the wood is properly processed, then it lasts quite a long time.

If these are hardwoods, properly soaked and dried, then the gazebo will stand for decades.

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And finally, it should be noted that everything in the house should be of the highest quality. Life is to be enjoyed! And to order the necessary furniture for the garden, go to the ldmarket website.


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