Fashionistas are happy to look at celebrity street looks – there is a certain zest in their urban simplicity. Restrained colors of wardrobe items, laconic styles and bright accessories are all attributes of Urban style. We will talk about it today. And you can choose a bow in this style on the Represent clothing website.

The intense rhythm of life, constant rush, exhausting shooting… Celebrities have a hard time to be in trend. And of course, outside of the camera’s field of view and audience sympathy, they want to dress in simple, comfortable clothes. It should not hinder movements, catches the eye, attracting undue attention. But at the same time – stylish and fashionable. All these requirements were heard and taken into account in Urban style – a mix of two well-known styles of classic and casual. But the best bow can be found in the Represent clothing online store.

These styles, which at first glance are not very compatible at first glance, harmoniously exist together. They are fertile ground for creating comfortable ensembles. At the same time, they are appropriate in any setting: from a business meeting to informal gatherings. It is based on a classic color palette and a model range of things, adjusted for greater comfort and the ability to include current fashion trends. The red thread of all Urban style looks is the natural desire of girls and women for simplicity and ease of ensembles for every day. Such clothes can be found in the Represent clothing online store.

Colors & Prints Urban Style

The color scheme of the urban style is expressed mostly in cold pale colors. It is gray, sand, blue, beige and brown. The explanation for this is very simple: the fashionista in her ensembles reflects the tones that she sees around. As you know, cities do not abound with bright colors. But this does not mean that they have no place in the color palette. They are present, but in the minority – as accenting details in clothes, jewelry, accessories. As a rule, these are juicy green tones of May greens. Intense scarlet color of ripe cherries, soft pink and white tones of flowering trees. The bright yellow hue of the July sun and the radiant blue of the serene sky. Clothing in similar colors can be ordered in the Represent clothing online store.

The printed theme in Urban style is not fully disclosed. So, floral motifs, tropical patterns and fantasy ornaments are dissonant with the general restraint of the direction, therefore they are excluded. Simple geometry rules the ball here – straight lines, a cage, a strip, the simplest figures, a goose foot.

Model Range Wardrobe Items

As mentioned above, Urban style is based on a mix of classic and casual. Let’s see what exactly is taken from each style direction!

Regular members of urban style ensembles are classic items – pencil skirts, trousers, dresses, shirts, blouses. But if in the classical style these wardrobe items are extremely concise and strict, then in Urban style they are more free, fashionable, modern. There are a lot of interesting details and thoughtful decor, each thing has its own zest. It can be a contrasting machine stitch, patch pockets or frills. Blouses, tops and dresses are usually decorated with embroidery, ornaments, rhinestones and additional details. They make the style of the product more feminine and light. Clothing in a similar style can be ordered at the Represent clothing online store.

In the urban style, there is no place for strict canons regarding the type and quality of textures of classic products. In stylish ensembles, a combination of denim and knitwear with noble textures is allowed.

By the way, denim items are an important part of Urban style. Borrowed from the casual fashion trend, they easily fit into urban ensembles. But they never combine with each other. In one outfit there can be only one denim product – a skirt, shirt or vest, but never all together.

Among other wardrobe items typical of casual, in the urban style there are skinny and flared trousers. Here – cardigans, skirts of various cuts. Among the model solutions of jeans, you can see “bananas”, “pipes” and “boyfriends”. Dresses, tops and blouses are subject to special requirements. The design of the neck can be anything, but a low neckline is prohibited. The most trendy clothes can be ordered in the Represent clothing online store.

What is rich in urban style is the options for outerwear. Here and leather jackets, coats, trench coats, parkas, sheepskin coats and down jackets. Layering in the image is an important feature of this direction. Therefore, scarves, snoods, scarves and other voluminous accessories are welcome.

About Accessories In Detail

A fashionista who wants to dress in Urban style should be ready to complete her wardrobe with a wide range of belts and belts. Do not forget about hats, caps and other headgear.

Mandatory ladies’ favorite – handbag. It can be presented in the classical form. And it can be made in the form of a bag, a backpack or a fantasy model.

Urban style is an excellent base for creating original youth images. For everyday and weekend. And you can choose an original and trendy bow in the Represent clothing online store. Be fashionable! Live in style!


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