With so many colors on the market, it can be difficult to know which garden furniture is best suited.

Artificial rattan garden furniture is popular due to its unpretentious maintenance, heat resistance (it can be outdoors all year round, withstands drops from -40 to +50 C). It is incredibly resistant to all weather conditions. Its color does not lose saturation even on the hottest and sunny days. In addition, it is furniture that has more variety in style and color. Artificial rattan can be produced in completely different colors. Therefore, you have a wide range of color options for outdoor furniture.

Here we take a look at the most popular and classic colors of rattan outdoor furniture. All types of rattan furniture can be purchased at the Coopers online store.

1 Techno Rattan Furniture Color Option: Gray Rattan With Gray Cushions

Gray rattan with gray cushions is the most popular choice currently on the market. Because it is a universal color. It blends well with both modern spaces and traditional gardens. Gives them a more modern look. This option can be ordered in the Coopers online store.

Gray garden furniture looks best on a gray podium or in the natural colors of the terrace. If the furniture is placed close to the wall, it will look better against a background of neutral-colored bricks than against a background of red bricks.

But those aren’t the only gray options you can order from the Coopers online store. All options are available on the website.

Option 2 – It’s Brown Rattan With Beige Cushions

Brown techno-rattan sets with beige cushions are still high on the list of popular outdoor furniture. This piece of furniture looks perfect in a traditional garden, but can also fit well into a modern setting. A similar headset can be purchased at the Coopers online store.

Brown garden furniture looks harmonious on a sandstone platform or brown terrace. Looks best near cream walls, and also combined with red brick.

The Coopers online store now offers stunning outdoor furniture in a variety of colours.

3 Winning Garden Furniture Option – Natural Rattan Color With Beige Cushions


Natural rattan color with beige cushions is a stylish color. It looks best in traditional large gardens and is great for gardens with lots of different vibrant colors. Because they complement the neutral rattan color very well. This option can also be ordered from the Coopers online store.

Like brown techno rattan, the natural color will look great on a sandstone court. But if you have a patio or terrace in gray, maybe brown will work too.

Option 4 – White Faux Rattan Furniture

This furniture looks very light, light and fresh. Rattan White looks appropriate with both light and dark pillows.

Such furniture is perfect for the terrace, in almost any color. White furniture looks especially cool on the roof terrace of the penthouse.

Furniture in this color can also be ordered from the Coopers online store.

Option 5 – It’s Black Techno Rattan With Cream Pads

Before gray took over the market, black rattan was in trend. Now it is less popular and is more often used in bars and restaurants than at home. But at the same time, interest in black artificial rattan furniture does not completely fade away. It can also be ordered from Coopers.

Black techno rattan looks best on a soft gray deck. Or a similar color stone wall. If you prefer black furniture, we recommend installing it in bright, neutral colors.

These were the 5 most popular faux rattan outdoor furniture color options. The set in these shades looks very advantageous and modern. But the most important thing is the atmosphere of the house. Choose the furniture color that suits you best. It must match your inner world. Pleasing to the eye every day and contribute to a comfortable stay.

Go to the Coopers website and choose your rattan furniture.


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