Outerwear is worn over other types of clothing: suits or dresses. Traditional types for autumn are jackets, windbreakers, coats, short coats, jackets, pea jackets. The range of fabrics is quite diverse. The most suitable materials for clothes for autumn are: natural and artificial leather, woolen and raincoat fabric.

What About Fabrics?

For sewing coats and jackets, fabrics such as cashmere, bouclé, tweed, boston, cloth, wool, gabardine, suede, leather, raincoat fabric, drape and others are used. For raincoats and various types of windbreakers, nylon, denim, raincoat fabrics are used. By the way, the Armor lux website offers a wide selection of different fabrics for making outerwear. These are woolen fabrics and raincoat fabric and eco-leather.

The main task of outerwear is to protect from the cold. Therefore, fabrics for outerwear made of wool must have sufficient density. Among the most popular offered by Armor lux are cashmere, gabardine, tweed, bouclé, twill.

Cashmere is a light and soft wool fabric. The method of production is diagonal weaving. Outerwear made of cashmere is distinguished by its practicality, warmth and comfort.

Tweed is a woolen fabric, sometimes with the addition of synthetic fibers, with an interlacing of threads resembling a herringbone or hound’s tooth. Tweed has not only a beautiful texture, but also pleasant to the touch, retains heat well, and is durable. Outerwear for autumn made of tweed looks stylish, respectable and solid.

Bouclé is obtained using linen finely patterned weave. As a result, the fabric has a soft texture and numerous large knots both on the front and on the wrong side. A small amount of acrylic may also be included in the composition of the fabric to increase strength.

Gabardine is a fabric in the manufacture of which the threads are intertwined at an angle. As a result, a characteristic scar is formed on the surface. For autumn coats, such a fabric with pile as a woolen bike is also perfect.

Light autumn raincoats and windbreakers are most often used in relatively warm weather. The main requirements for them are to protect from rain and wind. For sewing windbreakers and raincoats, Armor lux offers various options for raincoat fabrics, denim, nylon fabrics.

One of the most popular raincoat fabrics is lacquer raincoat fabric. This fabric is highly durable and wear resistant. For a long time, does not lose its protective qualities. In addition, raincoat-lacquer has a special impregnation, thanks to which it does not get wet, protects from wind, and has a pleasant glossy sheen. This makes it a good choice for fall outerwear.

An excellent choice for sewing outerwear would be such fabrics from Armor lux as eco-leather, suede, dupont, nylon.

Eco-leather is a material with a porous or monolithic coating, produced on a cotton or polyester basis. Special methods of drawing and embossing completely imitate natural leather. And the products made of such material differ in durability and refinement.

Dyuspo jacket fabric is also in deserved demand. It is a durable and pleasant to the touch fabric. It has a soft velvety, glossy or mother-of-pearl surface with a relief structure and bright patterns. The material has exceptional water-repellent properties, is not blown and durable. It also retains its color even after multiple washes. Outerwear made of this material can be ordered on the Armor lux website.

Suede is a type of leather. Its surface is velvety and waterproof.

Nylon has high strength and wear resistance – a synthetic fabric that does not deform or stretch, is well suited for making outerwear for windy autumn weather.

In the Armor lux online store, you can also purchase a dense footer or super dense fleece.

These fabrics can be used in the tailoring of sports or tourist clothing for the autumn season. Footer sportswear has excellent moisture-absorbing properties and is valued for its durability.

In dank autumn weather, jackets of synthetic winterizer are still preferred. For example, a long and warm coat will become a must-have autumn wardrobe for every person. This type of clothing can also be purchased at Armor lux.

Outerwear fabrics that are most suitable for autumn can always be found in the Armor lux online store.


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