The pleasure of the aroma process largely depends on what type of filler is used. But its range is extremely large and varied. How to choose the right capsules for a special device? What characteristics should you pay attention to first of all? Vape Dinner Lady online store has the answers. 

How Do The Characteristics Of A Vape Liquid Depend On Its Composition?

The main components of the liquid are glycerin and propylene glycol. In many cases, manufacturers use the classic formula with the same amount of them. However, the highest quality formulations can be purchased from the Vape Dinner Lady online store.

Additional Elements

About a tenth of the total volume is occupied by purified water, nicotine and flavoring. Their ratio depends on:

the fortress of the produced composition;

saturation of taste;

volume per unit of time;

characteristics of taste and aroma.

In the Vape Dinner Lady online store, you can buy compositions of various degrees of strength.

Steam And Vg/Pg Settings

Before choosing a vape liquid in the Vape Dinner Lady online store, you will be advised to decide on the marking that is usually given on the package. This is the so-called VG/PG formula. This is the ratio of glycerin and propylene glycol, which was mentioned above. Proportions can indicate the following properties of a liquid:

  • 50 to 50 – minimum pair, moderate strength;
  • 60 to 40 – a universal, popular option;
  • 70 to 30 – the ratio is appropriate for hookah cravings;
  • 80 to 20 – for powerful wipes, creates a lot of steam.

Tips From Seasoned Vapers

Successfully buying a liquid for a vape, taking into account VG / PG, does not work right away. After all, the choice in this case should be both subjective and purely technical. So, on a weak wipe at 60 VG, cotton wool will light up. The excessive density of the liquid is indicated by the presence of burning that occurred on the second third day after using the filler. And if unused slurry flows out of the duct, then this means that the concentration of glycerin in it needs to be increased.

Among other things, you need to stock up, you also need to buy a quality device. It is advisable not to spare money for a good wipe. At least the filtering level is very high. It won’t break after a month of use. And, as a rule, it can be serviced at a service center. Good fillers are usually sold for such devices.

Both wipes and fillers for them are sold in the Vape Dinner Lady online store.

Polypropylene And Glycerin

In e-wipe liquid, both substances perform their function. Glycerin provides evaporation density, and propylene glycol – taste characteristics and saturation with nicotine. If there is more propylene glycol, then characteristic bitterness in the throat will be felt. Slight tickling during the puff, which physiologically will resemble the sensations when inhaling nicotine. Those who want to get rid of nicotine addiction can order e-liquids for e-cigarettes of this type. It is believed that the main components of the liquid produce the following effect:

  • Glycerin – a lot of steam, aroma, density, sweetness and, unfortunately, soot. Does not cause allergies.
  • Propylene glycol – carbon deposits are created more slowly, subtleties of taste and aroma of steam are better transmitted.

What Are The Best Types Of E-Liquids To Buy?

There are many criteria for choosing liquids by their types. The most common of them are the following:

  • Fortress. To soar for a long time for pleasure, choose liquids with a small amount of nicotine, not exceeding 3 milligrams per milliliter. Its presence from 18 to 24 indicates a high strength of the liquid.
  • By manufacturer. We offer products of top brands that have proven themselves in this market segment. With us, even more budget liquids are not inferior to premium products in terms of their characteristics.
  • By fragrance. For beginners, it is recommended to choose a mono vape liquid. The catalog of our online store presents such liquids with one flavor, but there are also complex mixtures of several flavors.

By the nature of the filler. Many manufacturers claim to use natural flavors. But in fact, even by US standards, they can be no more than 51% of the total mass of the liquid. They are supplemented with adequate stabilizers. After all, otherwise they will not tolerate the temperature effect and lose the quality of taste.

Another important criterion for choosing the right vape liquid is the price. In the Vape Dinner Lady online store, all products of this type are presented in the best price-quality ratio. To make the best choice, we recommend using the advice of Vape Dinner Lady online store specialists.


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