Before the baby is born, young parents try to equip the room or children’s area to the maximum. To do this, prepare a changing chest and a locker for things. Shelves for toys and baby cosmetics, and most importantly – a crib. But the choice of the last position is not so simple. Firstly, healthy sleep for the crumbs is the most important thing that parents need to provide. And secondly, from a large number of varieties of species, models and manufacturers, eyes simply run up and many get lost. The question arises: what is better for them and is it necessary to overpay for a lot of functions? In this article from Online4Baby, we will try to cover all the main points. Go!

If divided according to the material of manufacture, then types of natural wood are more popular. There are also many models made of plastic or metal, combined composition. These are wood and metal, metal and plastic, etc. They stand out for their comfort and ease of use. Well, if you want to buy the very best of them, then go to Online4Baby.

Also, some models are divided by gender, but this parameter depends mainly on the design and color performance.

But the main division is carried out according to design features. Let’s dwell on them in more detail.

Classic Models

They are the most popular on the market, as they have a number of advantages:

  • Made from natural wood;
  • The position of the bed is adjustable in height;
  • Domestic manufacturers have a low cost;
  • Service life up to 3-4 years;
  • The dimensions of the bed are standard 120×60 cm or 140×70 cm, which greatly simplifies the selection of bedding sets.

Classic cribs are presented in several modifications. They have a different principle of “rocking” the child:

– Pendulum – practical and thoughtful. The rocking mechanism allows the mother to quickly put the baby to sleep. At the same time, without loading the back when it is rocked. The design principle is simple. The bed itself is attached to the base using a special mechanism with bearings. Therefore, during swinging, the base remains motionless. According to the principle of direction, they are divided into three subspecies:

  • Universal – shakes in any direction;
  • Transverse – “left-right”;
  • Longitudinal – “back and forth”.

Regardless of the selected subspecies, the presence of locking latches is mandatory. This is necessary to block the pendulum mechanism.

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It might look something like this:

– On skids. At the bottom of the structure, two arcs are installed, instead of legs, which rock the crib. In some modifications, a mechanism for fixing these arcs is provided by installing stands or wheels;

– On legs or wheels. A classic design without a rocking mechanism, but usually equipped with drawers under the bed, which saves money and space for buying a free-standing chest of drawers or wardrobe.

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As the name implies, these are cribs that can be transformed into other pieces of furniture or change the shape and dimensions of the bed. This type is gradually beginning to replace the classic models due to its high functionality and practicality.

Such a model can be purchased in the Online4Baby online store.


  • The crib can grow with the child, and, unlike the classic models, the transformer immediately has a small bed, which is comfortable for newborn babies;
  • Long service life up to 7-12 years;
  • Variety of forms;
  • In the modifications, options are presented with all the necessary furniture, which can also be transformed.


It’s worth mentioning right away that this type is considered the most convenient for babies, since the sleeping place is as large as possible. Previously, cradles were woven from vines and hung in houses from the ceiling. Today, more modern models are offered on stands. Although, in some author’s stores you can also find cradles for hanging, but is it worth it, given that the period of operation does not exceed six months. And for reliable fixation in the ceiling, you will have to think over the whole structure.


  • Compact;
  • Cozy for the baby;
  • Mobile;
  • Often equipped with an automatic motion sickness mechanism, built-in heating with a thermostat, a music panel and other electronic devices.

In subsequent parts from Online4Baby, we will continue to write about the types of cribs and cradles.


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