Fashion in the modern sense has many forms and ideas, sometimes bizarre and so extravagant. But one of the important aspects of all the top looks for autumn and winter 2022-2023, the couturiers proclaimed convenience and practicality.

Uncomfortable stilettos have long since replaced sneakers. Increasingly, we see hoodies and sweatshirts, sweaters and jeans. Converse and rough boots in street style images are not only on a day off or in an informal setting. For work and important meetings, such a bow is also relevant. Now, it doesn’t matter what you wear. The main thing is that it all looks harmonious and is chosen with taste.

Of course, pumps and ankle boots, blouses and coats are as relevant as ever. But you still have the opportunity to pick alternative options for autumn and winter. They are no less popular, effects, and also mega-convenient. That is, the taste and style that suits you best comes into play. In this article with Chesca, we’re going to look at some street style ideas. Let’s go!

What’s Trendy?

The effectiveness of street style sets in the 2022-2023 season cannot be compared, perhaps, with any of the top fashion trends. It would seem that dresses and sneakers, or skirts and sneakers are not comparable, and it is ridiculous to include them in one outfit.

But this is far from being the case because the autumn-winter street style sets perfectly demonstrate the opposite. It invites us to wear blouses, skirts, dresses, business suits with sneakers or boots. And this, according to Chesca, is the best decision this season!

In a word, street style or street style is the embodiment of rather controversial and ambiguous trends. Here they have found harmony and conciseness, demonstrating just the presence of a subtle sense of style and excellent taste.

Distinctive features or trends of urban sets are the layering of clothing tandems. Cowboy and military motifs, animalistic and floral prints. Under them, you can safely put on sneakers, sneakers, or ankle boots. Women’s high boots are also perfect. Of course, it is better that they have a rounded toe. It is desirable that they do not have heels.

As for outerwear for autumn and winter, you should give preference to fashionable faux fur coats. Trench coats and raincoats, puffy and shiny jackets, stylish down jackets, various kinds of capes and capes. By the way, trendy clothes for autumn-winter can be ordered in the Chesca online store.


If you want to be on trend in autumn and winter, include a raincoat in your wardrobe. Choose classic trench coats, as well as sets with leather coats, shortened or, on the contrary, elongated. The colors of raincoats in the images of street style in autumn and winter are varied. It can be pastel, beige, plaid, bright neon, red and gray. You can wear raincoats in street style bows in tandem with boats, rough boots, white ankle boots. The most trendy clothes for autumn-winter can be ordered in the Chesca online store.


The coat will become appropriate and desirable in images of any style – from business to street sets. Autumn and winter dictate the choice of outerwear in beige and cream colors. It fits perfectly into any color palettes of trendy street style sets. Wear your coat open, embodying the trend of layering in clothes. Street fashion allows you to choose knitted coats, cape coats, fur, cashmere, complemented by scarves.

In this article, with Chesca, we have touched on only a small part of the fall-winter 2022-2023 trend layer. In subsequent publications, we will cover this topic in more depth. Meanwhile, follow the link to the Chesca website and order the latest clothes for this season!


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