The basis of the reliability and durability of a wooden house is the right choice of materials. What will it be built from? The primary role in this is played by the type of wood. Each type of wood has its performance characteristics. Let’s figure out which tree to build a house from will be the most correct. Be sure to consider the climate of the area where it will be located. Wood for building a house can be ordered from the Travis Perkins online store.

Wood for building a house should be one of the conifers. Pine, spruce, cedar have proven themselves as a building material. These species of trees are not subject to rotting, not to be afraid of fungi, mold, parasites. Wood for building a house can be ordered from the Travis Perkins online store.

Pine Country House

Pine has a high density, so the cottages from it are warm and reliable. At the same time, after drying, such wood becomes very light – 520 kg / m3. The knots of the tree are directed upwards, therefore, when the trunk is cut, they have an oval shape. This looks very nice. This material of a wooden house has many other advantages:

  • contains numerous resins, phytoncides, which is good for the health of people living in pine houses;
  • service life of more than 200 years;
  • no cracks, minimal shrinkage;
  • low cost.

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Features Of Spruce Houses

The cost of spruce is slightly higher than pine, while it is even lighter than it – 450 kg / m3. Using such wood, you absolutely cannot worry about the need to insulate the walls of the cottage. Due to its structure, the spruce does not let the cold into the room in winter, but keeps the rooms cool in summer. When deciding which tree to choose for building a house, you should pay attention to the advantages of spruce over pine:

  • high resistance to moisture due to the specific structure and pores;
  • uniform color due to the uniformity of the surface and core, giving the walls of the house elegance;
  • no darkening during operation;
  • high bending strength, which eliminates the risk of wall deformation after shrinkage;
  • no cracks or drips of resin.

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Benefits Of A Cedar Cottage

Cedar is suitable for those who do not want to save on house materials made of wood. This is the best solution for houses with a large area. But the main advantage of cedar is a large selection of available shades of wood. Depending on the region of growth, environment and climate, it can have a tone from light yellow to amber with hints of pink. Wood weight after processing – 420 kg/m3. The decisive factor when choosing a tree can be the advantages of cedar over other coniferous tree species:

  • the content of oil and phytoncides, useful for the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems;
  • high strength and resistance to deformation, while such wood is easy to process;
  • low thermal conductivity and increased resistance to moisture;
  • unusual texture, lovers of refined interiors prefer a wooden house made of cedar;
  • high fire safety with proper processing.

If you have decided on the final choice of tree species for building a house, then the blanks can be ordered from the Travis Perkins online store.


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