Flying in a hot air balloon is an incredible adventure. This is romance and new emotions. Reality map update. And no wonder: people have always been drawn to the sky. they were attracted by the unknown blue distance. Here the legend of Daedalus and Icarus immediately comes to mind. But if the myth ends tragically, then a balloon flight is a holiday. And it can be ordered on the Virgin Baloon website.

How Long Is The Flight?

On average, the flight lasts approximately one hour. Some flights can vary in duration from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. It depends on the amount of fuel on board, the total weight of the passengers. It also takes into account air temperature and when the pilot finds a suitable landing site.

What Time Do The Hot Air Balloon Flights Take Place?

The main flight season runs from mid-March to late October. At this time, balloon flights are held twice a day – at dawn and at sunset on any day of the week. During this period of the year, there is increased solar activity during the day. It forms the appearance of powerful ascending and descending flows due to uneven heating of the earth. This makes flying on a balloon unmanageable. During the winter months, balloon flights are held throughout the daylight hours. And you can order it on the Virgin Baloon website.

What Time Of Day Do Hot Air Balloon Flights Take Place?

Morning balloon flights usually take place two hours before sunrise, evening flights two hours before sunset, at which time the air currents are most stable. Times change throughout the season, as do daylight hours. Usually from May – August we start at 5:30 am and 7 pm. In winter we usually fly at any time of the day. You can book a hot air balloon flight on the Virgin Baloon website.

When Is The Best Time To Fly A Balloon?

We are often asked when is the best time to fly in a hot air balloon – in the morning or in the evening? Our morning flights during the awakening of the Earth and the Sun or evening flights to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Both are interesting. Each balloon flight is unique and memorable for all its participants. The human body, from our experience, tolerates morning flights more easily, it’s hard to wake up early, but you still have the whole day ahead, and most importantly, your morning starts with positive emotions! You can book a morning or evening flight at Virgin Baloon.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Fly?

It’s hard to say if there is a better time of year to fly. There are no season restrictions for hot air balloon rides. Every season is beautiful and interesting in its own way. Each flight is unique, no matter when it takes place – be it March, August or October. Those who have taken a flight in a hot air balloon in the summer should definitely repeat it in the winter! These are radically different, but incredibly strong sensations! You can book a hot air balloon ride at Virgin Baloon.

Is It Possible To Fly In A Hot Air Balloon In Winter?

Winter flights have their own charm. The air is very clean, and a snow-white landscape of winter-dressed nature opens up to your eyes. You just need to dress warmer. It is best to wear thermal underwear. And before that, book a flight on the Virgin Baloon website.

Is It Cold To Fly In A Hot Air Balloon?

No, you feel exactly the same as on earth. The temperature in the balloon does not change when it rises to 1000 m. We recommend that you bring a hat that is comfortable to wear. Moreover, the heat comes from the heating pad.

How To Dress For A Hot Air Balloon Flight?

For a hot air balloon flight, it is best to dress in comfortable casual or sportswear. Clothing should be closer to those that are suitable for outdoor activities and for the season. It is selected in such a way that you can spend about four to five hours on the street.

We strongly do not recommend high-heeled shoes for the flight! When landing, it is unsafe for both the legs and the spine! We recommend waterproof shoes for morning walks, as there may be dew on the start area. Headwear is desirable at any time of the year. In flight, the wind is not felt, as the balloon moves along with the air mass. But this is the main danger – it is very easy to catch a cold on the facial nerves at a height due to the temperature difference. Also, it is very important to take into account the tendency to hypertension – the risk of severe weakness or headaches is likely. It is advisable to consult a doctor before flying.

What do you need to take on a flight?

Take a camera or video camera with you, as well as a good mood and cheerful state!

Optionally, you can take a light breakfast in the basket (in case of a morning flight). In case of a romantic date in the sky, you can grab a small bouquet of flowers, which our pilot will hide until the moment you need, and a bottle of champagne. Due to limited space in the basket of the balloon, it is better to leave large bags or backpacks in the balloon escort car. And to make your holiday a success, go to the Virgin Baloon website and book a balloon ride.

How long does a hot air balloon ride take?

The whole air journey will take you about 4-5 hours, depending on the flight zone you have chosen. The flight program includes: meeting with representatives of our club, transfer to the place of the flight. Among other things, preparing the balloon for flight, briefing the participants and the flight itself. It lasts about an hour. You can order it on the Virgin Baloon website.

How fast does the balloon fly?

The balloon flies at the same speed as the wind. The average flight speed is approximately 15 km/h.

To what height does the balloon rise?

The balloon is able to rise without additional equipment up to 5000 meters. But usually, the familiarization flight takes place at an altitude of up to 600 meters. The flight altitude depends on the desire of passengers, but is limited by the rules for operating flights in a particular area. According to balloonists, the ideal height is about 100-200 meters. It is from this distance that you can truly enjoy earthly landscapes, water bodies and the beauty of nature.

Book a hot air balloon ride on the Virgin Baloon website and this day will be one of the happiest.


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