Don’t you know what to wear this summer to cause the right impression and gain men’s smiles along the way? Together with Ted Baker, we gathered some ideas to make the summer look more stylish and unique! Learn everything about dress types that suit every woman to improve your gorgeous look and get as many compliments as you wish!

1. Little Black Dress

The most classic version of the dress does not become less relevant over the years, but only acquires new features. In 2022, this is an unusual asymmetrical cut. It has interesting cutouts, ties and an abundance of other fashionable details. They turn the black canvas into a work of art. On a woman in such a dress, you want to hold your eyes. Also, the Ted Baker collection includes strict dresses that emphasize perfectly the figure. They are excellent to combine with semi-boots and over the knee boots without heels. The version with a jacket thrown over the top looks perfect. However, it should not be defiant.

2. Dress With A Belt

With all the fashion variety available in 2022, the ways to emphasize the figure and femininity remain the same. Dresses with an emphasis on the waist fit any silhouette and invariably produce a wow effect – it’s not just that Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman have not changed this technique for many years.

3. Crochet Lace

Crochet is the most cheerful trend of summer. Crochet is French for “crochet”. Dresses, tops, pants and swimwear in this style will look like things that your grandmother knitted for you. With the turn of fashion towards comfort, the nostalgic trend is becoming one of the most visible. It helps to subtly add bright colors to the wardrobe and make it more authentic. The knitted dress occupies a special place in the Ted Baker collection. It is very flexible and soft. In fact, it can be combined with any style.

4. Shirt Dress

Not all dresses can boast of the versatility that a shirt dress has. Simple in appearance, it offers dozens of opportunities for experimenting with feminine style. Depending on the context and mood, you can combine this type of cotton and denim dress with over the knee boots and a coat, sneakers and a backpack, trendy loafers and a cardigan. You’ll be surprised how different looks can be based on this basic item from Ted Baker.

5. Knitted Dress

The relevance of cozy cashmere and wool dresses does not depend on the season: in cold weather we combine them with boots and coats, and in warm months with loafers, clogs and miniature handbags. An impressive range of dresses in smooth and embossed jersey in a noble palette can also be found in the new collection.

6. Dress With Puffed Sleeves

What is the appeal of the dress that you saw on a fashionable colleague or new acquaintance and kept in your memory for a long time? In most cases, things that sink into our souls are distinguished by catchy details and a cut that suits the figure. Volumetric sleeves add a little aristocracy to both the dress and the entire female image. Try it on and make sure: in such a dress, it is easy to feel stately and feminine. This greatly changes the image itself.

7. Layering

The “dress + jacket” formula helps to assemble a fashionable outfit in three minutes. It is organic in a variety of contexts – from the office and a business lunch to a corporate party. The main feature of the bow is the contrast of volumes, a favorite technique of influencers in 2022. It means that it is better to give preference to a fitted dress and a textured jacket a couple of sizes larger. At the same time, the jacket does not have to be female – we advise you not to bypass the assortment in the men’s department. By the way, you can also find it in the Ted Baker online store.

The topic of dresses is very diverse, and it is very difficult to describe everything within the framework of one article. Therefore, we are happy to continue to describe it in subsequent publications. And if you are interested in the Ted Baker collection, then visit our website!


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