Does sport nutrition protein after training help to avoid catabolism and start the recovery processes of muscles damaged under load? Can it replace a full meal before a workout? The ESN Suppelments online store tried to understand these issues in more detail. Let’s go!

In the locker room of any gym, you will certainly see people with shakers. Training is almost always accompanied by the intake of many supplements – to build muscle mass, to strengthen joints and ligaments, to improve blood circulation, to increase energy. After training, sports nutrition protein is most often consumed. Far from sports, the inhabitants are wary of him, but in fact, protein is just the English name for protein. It can be purchased from the ESN Suppelments online store. And it really helps to progress.

What happens to muscles under load?

During physical activity, muscle fibers are intensively reduced, up to rupture. A wise organism triggers the synthesis of the actin and myosin proteins that make up the muscles. He restores them and, if possible, strengthens them so that there are no more such micro-tears. He doesn’t want injuries.

Athletes achieve this: their muscles become stronger, more voluminous, which is the goal of training. But here’s the problem: to achieve microtraumas, you need to give your best. This requires energy. Its main source is carbohydrates: glucose in the blood and glycogen in the muscles and liver. But these reserves may not be enough for all the work, and then fats and proteins are used. Muscular – including. Especially torn because life support is a priority than recovery. This is called catabolism. To avoid destructive processes in the body, buy sports nutrition in the ESN Suppelments online store.

Why Do You Need Protein After A Workout?

So that the body does not eat up damaged muscle fibers, it needs to be given another source of energy – carbohydrates. Then he will try to regenerate microtraumas, but he still needs building material – amino acids. They are obtained by decomposing the proteins that come with food into their constituent parts. This post-workout state is that protein-carbohydrate window that you may have heard about from athletes, and which needs to be “closed”.

To do this, in the locker rooms and dissolve the powder, and drink it as soon as possible. One could eat a piece of meat or cottage cheese, but they take longer to digest. Yes, and it is inconvenient to do this in the gym: tables and chairs are not provided, the smell of sweaty bodies does not add appetite. That is why it is worth buying whey protein and drinking it. This kind of sports nutrition can be found in the ESN Suppelments online store.

Do You Need Protein Before A Workout?

The use of protein after exercise is almost a mandatory ritual. At the very least, it significantly increases the recovery efficiency after them. The rest of the time it should be drunk in the following cases:

  • you dislike protein foods – meat, fish, cottage cheese, etc;
  • due to working conditions, schedule, etc. you cannot fully eat: a serving of protein replaces a meal;
  • you need a lot of protein, and eating the right amount of regular foods is hard.

But everything should always be clearly systematized and structured. Without the correct approach, any supplements will remain additives. Moreover, the training process must be well-structured. It is then that both nutrition and exercise will benefit. Before ordering the sports nutrition you need in the ESN Suppelments online store, consult a specialist.


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