Sex is not only a source of pleasure, but also a method of preventing various diseases. A regular intimate life is just as important for a woman as it is for a man. With its help, the development of female diseases can be prevented. And also – to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, improve skin condition and resist viruses.

According to doctors, those who have a regular intimate life have a longer life expectancy than those who abstain. And the benefits of sex as a method of preventing diseases of the genitourinary system have long been known.

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Gynecological Diseases Are the Result of Abstinence From Sex

If a woman leads a full life and has sex at least 2-3 times a week, then congestion in her organs does not occur. And vice versa: a long or complete absence of sexual life leads to a decrease in the formation of the hormone progesterone in the body and contributes to problems with conception. Also, the lack of intimate life leads to the development of uterine fibroids (benign tumors), adnexitis (inflammatory processes in the uterine appendages), mastopathy (formations in the mammary gland), etc. Also, lacking sex, a woman’s periods are much more painful.

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Sex helps to get rid of extra pounds

With regular intimacy, calories are actively burned: half an hour of sex will help you get rid of 200 to 600 calories or replace half an hour of jogging. Women who don’t often practice sex have a greater risk of gaining excess weight. Because they make up for the lack of the hormone of happiness – endorphin – with food. However, sex will not help to completely get rid of body fat or pump up the press – only sports will come to the rescue.

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Sex Boosts Immunity

Doctors have proven that those who regularly have sex have 30% stronger immunity. Everything is very simple: during sex, there is an active production of immunoglobulin protein antibodies. They help to activate the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to infections. Also, protein antibodies contribute to the speedy healing of wounds.

Regular Intimacy Strengthens Blood Vessels And Heart

Regular sex stabilizes blood pressure, keeps blood vessels in good shape, which is a good prophylactic against stroke and heart attack. During intimacy, blood circulation improves, which helps to better saturate the organs with oxygen. This helps to speed up metabolic processes. For a full range of sensations, try toys for adults from the Bondara online store.

Sex Is A Natural Pain Reliever And Antidepressant

With intimacy, numerous endorphins enters the bloodstream, which leads to an analgesic effect. Sex is especially good for headaches. The more hormones of joy in the human body, the less the effect of stress. And sexual dissatisfaction makes a woman (and a man too) irritable and nervous. Also, sex will help get rid of depression. The production of active substances prostaglandins helps relieve stress and eliminate depression.

Sex Helps You Look Younger

Those women who do not refuse sexual pleasure look much better and younger than their abstaining peers. With regular sex, more collagen is produced, which helps the skin regenerate faster. The skin receiving more oxygen becomes more “velvet” and elastic, the hormonal background improves.

Don’t Forget About Contraception

Even if you are in a relationship and trust your partner, only contraception will protect you from unwanted pregnancy. It can be an IUD (intrauterine device), oral contraceptives, special creams, condoms, etc. What is right for you – a specialist will help to choose. Do not forget that a condom, unlike all other contraceptives, protects not only from pregnancy, but also from genital infections. Also from HIV – human immunodeficiency virus. And for a full range of sensations, order toys for adults in the Bondara online store.

A love relationship with a person is not only pleasure, but also a responsibility. You always need to find compromises and be extremely honest with each other. This allows you to be more relaxed and try something new. And in this case, the Bondara online store will help you.

Love and take care of each other!


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